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03:01 PM Katello Bug #27390 (Ready For Testing): ContentCredential's Repository links use wrong id
relates to #25660
The Repository tab on the ContentCredentials details page uses the root-repositories id to creat...
08:39 AM Katello Bug #27345: Products page sometimes does not load
I have reproduced it, by clicking through various Products and Repository pages and then using the webbrowser's Back-...


04:29 PM Katello Bug #27345 (New): Products page sometimes does not load
Sometimes when trying to open the Products page, it fails wit an empty page (see screenshot).
Seen this on Katello 3...


06:05 PM Katello Bug #26776 (Closed): Display issues with SUSE-errata
Applied in changeset commit:katello|e0ec6f66f6af28b2fe1e1adced60b2ba73b6b9e1.
05:34 PM Katello Revision e0ec6f66 (katello): Fixes #26776 - SUSE errata not correctly displayed
* search-link in content-host for bugfix and enhancement did not add
suse equivalent errata-types to search-string


02:33 PM Katello Bug #26776 (Closed): Display issues with SUSE-errata
On the Content Host Details-page, the links to show all bugfix/enhancement errata did not show anything for SUSE-host...
12:51 PM Katello Bug #26771 (New): Content Host 'Applicable Packages' should be renamed
For a Content Host in the 'Packages' tab it is possible to show the 'applicable packages', which IMHO is the wrong na...


08:18 AM Packaging Revision 7b0a69ac (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_scc_manager to 1.6.2 (#3713)


02:35 PM Packaging Revision 4da9c135 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_scc_manager to 1.6.1


11:43 AM Katello Bug #26159 (Closed): ActivationKey Repository Sets show "old" name of repository
Not sure if this is a bug:
When I change the name of a Product's Repository, the change is not reflected in the Repo...

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