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05:36 PM Foreman Feature #36898 (Ready For Testing): Add profiling extensions for rails
For analyzing performance issues with the UI it can be useful to have a profiling-extension like rack-mini-profiler i... Markus Bucher


05:00 PM Foreman Bug #36842 (Closed): Specific key breaks cache-method
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|76ec08d776cb07e8835ae5b13f5cad0c034f9905. Markus Bucher
04:52 PM Foreman Revision 76ec08d7 (foreman): Fixes #36842 - reduce impact of rails-cache issue
Original rails-issue: Markus Bucher


12:45 PM Katello Bug #36871 (Ready For Testing): Race Condition during Incremental Update
*Reproduce* :
# have a Content View with multiple Versions in various Lifecycle Environments
# apply an Erratum, wh...
Markus Bucher


10:17 AM Foreman Maintain Feature #36856 (Ready For Testing): Check if katello:clean_backend_objects will remove stuff, before upgrade
After upgrade of katello, the @katello:clean_backend_objects@ rake-task is run with commit=true, meaning it will remo... Markus Bucher


08:57 AM Foreman Bug #36842 (Closed): Specific key breaks cache-method
This is a tricky one:
We had the problem, that REX-Jobs were successful on the host, but reported as failed, with ...
Markus Bucher


09:00 PM Katello Bug #36740 (Closed): Deb package applicability should consider architecture
Applied in changeset commit:katello|2cdea3fb282abc07a99e01815bf8fc89de3bf863. Markus Bucher
08:59 PM Katello Revision 2cdea3fb (katello): Fixes #36740 - applicability must mind deb's arch
Markus Bucher


11:59 AM Katello Feature #36803 (Ready For Testing): SmartProxy Content Sync should offer Verify Content Checksum
For repairing corrupted artifacts, it would be helpful to have the @Verify Content Checksum@ option also available fo... Markus Bucher


03:14 PM Katello Bug #36748 (Ready For Testing): Never use dependency-solving for deb content
Markus Bucher

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