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10:17 PM Katello Bug #33510 (Ready For Testing): Composite CV publishing is broken
The change-up to using the Pulp 3 modify API for CV publishing broke composite CVs since we started clearing out the ...


09:13 PM Katello Bug #33375 (Closed): Adding ansible collection repos or debian repos to content views with filters causes failures
09:12 PM Katello Bug #32460 (Closed): improve speed of content view publish with filters
07:09 PM Katello Bug #33495 (Ready For Testing): Selected yum metadata checksum type on is not reflected in repomd.xml on a repo creation
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*Description of problem:*
Selected yum metadata ...
04:04 PM Katello Bug #33493 (Closed): Remove OSTree filter from Red Hat Repositories drop down list
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Created attachment 1818035 [details]


06:48 PM Katello Bug #33468 (Ready For Testing): Background download policy is still referenced in a number of areas
We need to remove all references of the background download policy. It no longer works with the removal of Pulp 2.
03:54 PM Katello Bug #33465 (New): Default Organization View showing status as {{ historyText(version) }} when you check through Infrastructure --> Smart Proxies --> proxy --> content --> Library --> Default Organization View
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*Description of problem:*
Default Organizatio...
03:07 PM Katello Feature #33464 (New): As a user, I can view, edit, refresh, and delete ACSs from an index page
Column information: Name, Type, Last Refresh
Actions per ACS: Refresh, Edit, Delete
Should be able to bulk dele...
03:06 PM Katello Feature #33463 (New): As a user, I can create CDN and RHUI ACSs via the UI
Only input name and description, smart proxies, a product, and HTTP proxy info
Current plan: Only...
03:04 PM Katello Feature #33462 (New): As a user, I can create custom ACSs via the UI
Wizard steps:
1) Choose type
2) Input name and description
3) Select smart proxies
4) Input base url and option...

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