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09:00 PM Foreman Bug #37013 (Closed): Changing the "Show New Host Overview Page" setting is not applied even after reloading the page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|0b40a64be53fb54843bccf2aa193cab0632c83b3. Ron Lavi
08:44 PM Foreman Revision 0b40a64b (foreman): Fixes #37013 - change the 'All hosts' menu item's url based on the `new_host_page` setting
After changing the `new_host_page` setting, the layout navigation still has the wrong hosts page link (the one it got... Ron Lavi


12:10 PM Foreman Bug #37013 (Closed): Changing the "Show New Host Overview Page" setting is not applied even after reloading the page
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
After changing the v...
Ron Lavi


02:05 PM Foreman Bug #36934 (Closed): Host registration fails with error "Attached to can't be blank" when the VLAN name includes UPPERCASE letters
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
This is kind of a re...
Ron Lavi


11:00 AM Foreman Refactor #36222 (Closed): Move puppet rake task to plugin
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|dbe4db80ea60c7f3b02e4857631d63c2c2017c5b. Ron Lavi
11:00 AM Foreman Refactor #36219 (Closed): use YAML.safe_load instead of YAML.load
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|c9b82a573f64fe54e61d55f079adeb1df3d0cae8. Ron Lavi
10:38 AM Foreman Revision c9b82a57 (foreman): Fixes #36219 - use YAML.safe_load instead of YAML.load
as explained in this rubocop rule Ron Lavi
10:38 AM Foreman Revision dbe4db80 (foreman): Fixes #36222 - drop unused puppet rake task
Ron Lavi
10:38 AM Foreman Revision 414c1c6f (foreman): Refs #36219 - remove redundant line
in parameters rake task, key_type_name was assigned twice Ron Lavi


06:53 PM Katello Bug #36557 (Closed): React does not recognize the `ouiaId` prop on a DOM element
After introducing an eslint rule to find all of the missing ouiaIds, we added that prop to components that passes it ... Ron Lavi

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