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10:02 AM Foreman Feature #27105 (Closed): env variable to disable redux-logger
create an environment variable to disable redux-logger if needed. Gilad Lekner
09:06 AM Foreman Bug #27104 (Closed): Editor replace toString with lodash
to avoid this error
Error: Uncaught [TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined]
lodash's toString i...
Gilad Lekner


01:45 PM Foreman Feature #27049 (Closed): Add onPopState HOC
New pages that are wrapped with `withRouter` can use this HOC to trigger a callback when the search query changes. Gilad Lekner
09:45 AM Foreman Feature #27045 (Closed): Refactor BreadcrumbSwitcher to PF-React
Gilad Lekner


08:31 AM Foreman Bug #27016 (Closed): Reuse Page Reducer Logic
create withDataReducer, withQueryReducer Higher order reducers for code reusability Gilad Lekner


05:27 PM Foreman Bug #27005: New editor always thinks there is a change in template
Ondřej Ezr wrote:
> The new editor always make it seems the template changed, even if there is no actual change.
> ...
Gilad Lekner


11:19 AM Foreman Bug #26854 (Closed): disable Turbolinks for 3rd party Routing
disable Turbolinks for 3rd party Routing
Gilad Lekner


12:12 PM Foreman Bug #26805 (Closed): react-router foundation #4
- add server props to every route
- write a helper to get searchBar Props
- add pagination props (disablePrev, disa...
Gilad Lekner


09:06 AM Foreman Bug #26783 (Closed): Create Statistics Route
move Statistics page to react-router Gilad Lekner


12:41 PM Foreman Bug #26753 (Closed): react-router foundation #3 - Bookmarks
add `onClick` prop to Bookmarks to disable Turbolinks.visit when not needed. Gilad Lekner

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