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06:21 PM Plugins Bug #32448 (New): upload-salt-reports ImportError: No module named salt.config
I wanted to import my existing hosts into Foreman using the method described in the manual: execute state.highstate a... Ben ter Haar


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #29591 (Closed): Efibootmgr_netboot assumes bash is used.
Applied in changeset commit:community-templates|4c11d0529156ee9993b72fa6d6f71e6b5cb8a66b. Ben ter Haar
09:41 AM Foreman Bug #29591 (Closed): Efibootmgr_netboot assumes bash is used.
During testing with debian deployment on EFI hosts, we noticed that the /tmp/ throws an error: in-target: /t... Ben ter Haar
01:57 PM Foreman Revision 4c11d052 (community-templates): Fixes #29591 - Replaced the double bracket testing to builtin test
Depending on the active shell, the efibootmgr_netboot snippet will throw
an error in the script like
Ben ter Haar


07:10 AM Foreman Bug #25185 (Closed): Pxegrub2_chainload unable to determine disk containing /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI
After installing Linux (Tried CentOS7 and Debian 9.5) on UEFI machines (HP Z2 mini G3, HP Z4, HP Proliant D...
Ben ter Haar

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