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01:01 PM Foreman Tracker #29939 (Closed): Improve setting definition DSL and move setting registry to memory
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|c791f6c70806952aef520cc779397560138f207e. Ondřej Ezr
12:01 PM Foreman Revision c791f6c7 (foreman): Fixes #29939 - drop category column from settings
Settings table was holding category column to support old style of
settings, but it is now ready to be decomissioned ...
Ondřej Ezr


05:01 PM Foreman Bug #35871 (Closed): Statistics migrations are purged even if foreman_statistics is present
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|34728aee6b213c68e56df7bb5e3b86ab194b2a33. Ondřej Ezr
04:15 PM Foreman Revision 34728aee (foreman): Fixes #35871 - purge trends only when statistics not installed
We instroduced migration to purge trends data in 34709a3781355b63e7afe2864e03c5f663479602.
It forgot to add condition...
Ondřej Ezr


11:28 PM Foreman Refactor #35793 (Closed): Drop the settings category column from database
Drop the category column and with it the support for the old settings. Ondřej Ezr


06:23 PM Foreman Bug #32116 (Closed): Remove Trends and Statistics data from all instances
Ondřej Ezr


02:16 PM Foreman Refactor #29483 (Resolved): Remove usage of Class level methods scope inheritance
Setting fixed in release on 3.4, but 3.3 would be more appropriate for sure, but it is already closed relase. Ondřej Ezr
02:14 PM Foreman Refactor #29483: Remove usage of Class level methods scope inheritance
Yes, I believe so, many improvements were merged since then, I remember Tomer and Leos had touched that and I believe... Ondřej Ezr


10:01 AM Foreman Bug #35293 (Closed): Setting kwargs are ambigous in validation
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|5d00c9825934f051806ff7b7e1018e7d461f81c9. Ondřej Ezr


05:45 PM Foreman Bug #35293 (Closed): Setting kwargs are ambigous in validation
Use calls in unambigous way. Ondřej Ezr

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