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12:01 PM Ansible Bug #25580 (Closed): User with view_ansible_roles, import_ansible_roles permissions can not import roles
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|54442b8b3299ebfca40b868050a75ecb899fcf0c.
11:35 AM Ansible Revision 54442b8b (foreman_ansible): Fixes #25580 - allow import with only import perm
This fixes an issues where we require users to have view_smart_proxies
permission to be able to import from them, but...
11:01 AM Ansible Bug #32041 (Closed): API version is required
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|883fcb34fb20c4a832ed8b381a8e5a72f2013fa0.
10:54 AM Ansible Revision 883fcb34 (foreman_ansible): Fixes #32041 - set API default params
Add defaults for format and apiv params. Before this default format was
HTML in API and the version part of URL is re...


01:59 PM Ansible Refactor #32595 (New): Define global key to use instead of passing global to every host in the inventory
Followup for


01:01 PM Statistics Refactor #31594 (Closed): Reactify Trends chart
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_statistics|4fdb5dc8d5aac52354ae13199d7ef81682da8915.
12:28 PM Statistics Revision 4fdb5dc8 (foreman_statistics): Fixes #31594 - reactify trends chart


10:07 PM Foreman Refactor #32584 (Ready For Testing): Drop flot charts
09:50 PM Foreman Refactor #32583 (New): Mandatory setting type
Setting is guessing the type of the value based on it's default value, but it has it's drawbacks and it doesn't hurt ...
04:01 PM Foreman Refactor #32287 (Closed): Load Setting index page from memory registry
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|3a9143a1960ae20662d0430a27a5c5467052dd8c.

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