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04:01 PM Foreman Bug #30036 (Closed): For locale ja_JP, expand (>) button is not working.
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|57644c8f977406aa4212051341132c93e977916f.
03:29 PM Foreman Revision 57644c8f (foreman): Fixes #30036 - use untranslated string for href in templates


11:01 AM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #30816 (Closed): Show full job input in hammer
Applied in changeset commit:hammer_cli_foreman_remote_execution|4b266ff3ec04a6081e12ffae74e5e6b074fa24a0.
10:57 AM Foreman Remote Execution Revision 4b266ff3 (hammer_cli_foreman_remote_execution): Fixes #30816 - Show full job input in hammer
10:57 AM Foreman Remote Execution Revision 1ccddd29 (foreman_plugin): Refs #30816 - Show host id for template input


05:31 PM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #31116 (Ready For Testing): Create experimental page for the job wizard
A starting page for the PF4 job creation wizard should be in the lab features menu
11:49 AM foreman-tasks Bug #31104 (Closed): Pagelayout is getting a wrong value for toastNotifications
Applied in changeset commit:b314f4fb73e0471b7b68e184ecbd9c42e008a59a.
11:49 AM foreman-tasks Bug #30969 (Closed): replace mount_react_component with react_component
Applied in changeset commit:6952538e9c0642032f48da42f854e869c8dd2e8c.
11:49 AM foreman-tasks Bug #30633 (Closed): Stopped chart does not contain cancelled tasks
Applied in changeset commit:05dbdb2c6fdd63ebb3cc3371c8fb9e4afc38fcc7.
11:49 AM foreman-tasks Bug #30407 (Closed): JS errors when loading details for errored task
Applied in changeset commit:af545fd41c99dedda0e04443cdb257fac0748ca7.

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