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04:26 PM Katello Bug #37169 (Closed): Managing a Hosts Repository Sets does not behave as expected
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open a registered Host, Navigate to Content -> Repository Sets
2. Click "Limit to environmen...
Marcel Kühlhorn


09:14 AM Foreman Feature #36536 (Closed): AutoYaST provisioning template needs update for SLES 15 SP5
SLES 15 SP5 deprecated some parameters in the networking section, the AutoYaST provisioning template needs to be upda... Marcel Kühlhorn


11:26 AM foreman-tasks Bug #36185 (Closed): Content View import fails with 'Tried to load unspecified class: Sequel::SQL::Blob'
When trying to import a Content View version containing a Product / Repository that was configured with a GPG key the... Marcel Kühlhorn


04:10 PM Foreman Bug #35796 (Closed): Ubuntu TTY is unresponsive after deployment on some compute providers
On VMWare in combination with EFI as well as on Libvirt with legacy BIOS the TTY is unresponsive after the first boot... Marcel Kühlhorn


02:11 PM Foreman Feature #35286 (Closed): New PXEGrub2 template required in order to deploy Ubuntu 22 on EFI systems
Ubuntu 22.04 can no longer use the Preseed default PXEGrub2 template as it no longer supports the legacy Debian insta... Marcel Kühlhorn
02:09 PM Foreman Feature #35285 (Closed): New kexec template required in order to deploy Ubuntu 22 via discovery
Ubuntu 22.04 can no longer use the Discovery Debian kexec template as it no longer supports the legacy Debian install... Marcel Kühlhorn


10:03 AM Foreman Bug #35240 (Closed): AutoYaST PXELinux does not support networks without DHCP
Currently the AutoYaST PXELinux template only works with DHCP Marcel Kühlhorn
10:01 AM Foreman Bug #35239 (Closed): SLES 15 SP4 needs changes in the provisioning templates for deployments to work correctly
- The default Firewall configuration changed, meaning the SSH port is closed by default -> Firewall should be configu... Marcel Kühlhorn


02:12 PM Katello Bug #35235 (Closed): Input sanitation of Content View Names not working
In past versions, when a disallowed character such as . were used in Content View names they were automatically repla... Marcel Kühlhorn


03:14 PM Foreman Bug #34489 (Closed): AutoYaST PXE templates fail to render if http-proxy parameter is set without http-proxy-port
If the host parameter http-proxy is set but http-proxy-port is unset the AutoYaST PXE templates fail to render with
Marcel Kühlhorn

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