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04:55 PM Foreman Bug #31101 (New): When cloning a hostgroup the ansible roles are not copied
When cloning a hostgroup all ansible roles selected in the original hostgroup are not selected in the new hostgroup.


10:01 AM Foreman Feature #30792 (Closed): Set root password for preseed image-based deployment
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|65230156d6bebe48f2d48f30710fc3d575db7225.
09:36 AM Foreman Revision 65230156 (foreman): Fixes #30792 - Added root pw for image based deploy
Co-authored-by: Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden <>


04:50 PM Foreman Bug #30801 (New): Remote execution fails on ipv6 only hosts
Hosts with ipv6-interfaces only are not being listed in the corresponding ipv6-subnet. Therefore when running remote ...
07:17 AM Foreman Feature #30792 (Closed): Set root password for preseed image-based deployment
When deploying an Ubuntu/Debian host using the image-based deployment the root password is not set/changed. The mecha...


09:24 AM Foreman Bug #30374 (Duplicate): VMRC Console in Web Browser Never Finishes Launching
When launching the VMWare console from foreman by pushing "Launch Console" in the web browser the console is actually...


07:44 AM Katello Feature #29980 (New): Possibility to get email-notification for failed repo-syncs
At the moment it is necessary to make an API-call to check the repository-sync-status (which depending on the amount ...


01:40 PM Salt Bug #29917 (New): Salt report script "upload-salt-reports" broken
The upload of salt-reports is no longer working (except for apparently CentOS 7).
When manually triggering upload_...


09:04 AM Foreman Bug #27799 (New): Deploy on "Bare Metal" parameter not available when creating/editing host groups
It is not possible to configure a host group to deploy on bare metal. (You can still use a host group configured to u...


07:43 AM Foreman Bug #27587: User administrator flag in Administer -> Users not working properly
-Create the role "Restart service only" (see attaches screen shot)
-Assign it to a user
-Check the flag "...

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