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Foreman Developer 01/12/2020
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SELinux Developer 01/12/2020
Smart Proxy Developer 01/12/2020
Foreman Maintain Developer 04/28/2021
Hammer CLI Developer 04/28/2021
Plugins Developer 02/17/2020
ABRT Developer 02/17/2020
Ansible Developer 02/17/2020
Boot disk Developer 02/17/2020
Chef Developer 02/17/2020
DigitalOcean Developer 02/17/2020
Discovery Developer 02/17/2020
Docker Developer 02/17/2020
Foreman Remote Execution Developer 02/17/2020
receptor plugin Developer 11/03/2020
foreman-tasks Developer 02/17/2020
foreman_setup Developer 02/17/2020
Infoblox Developer 02/17/2020
Katello Developer 07/18/2019
Hammer CLI CSV Developer 07/18/2019
Hammer CLI Import Developer 07/18/2019
Packaging Developer 07/18/2019
Runcible Developer 07/18/2019
KubeVirt Developer 02/17/2020
MCollective Developer 02/17/2020
OpenNebula Developer 02/17/2020
OpenSCAP Developer 02/17/2020
Salt Developer 02/17/2020
Templates Developer 02/17/2020
virt-who configure Developer 02/17/2020
Xen Developer 02/17/2020
Website Developer 04/28/2021



02:53 PM Katello Bug #37354 (New): Trace_status = reboot_needed not working after upgrade to 4.12
the status itself is working correctly (and also katello-host-tools is working); it is only the search that is not wo... Jeremy Lenz


02:00 PM Katello Feature #37347 (New): As a web UI user, I can select multiple hosts and install or update packages via REX
Jeremy Lenz


08:00 PM Katello Feature #37309 (Closed): Add Katello column(s) to new host index page
Applied in changeset commit:katello|f3891b2b8dacb2f5f10e19b5df22df330019aff2. Jeremy Lenz
08:00 PM Foreman Feature #37293 (Closed): As a web UI user, I can choose what columns to display on the new All Hosts page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|c21ac65134d7a614b5b10d024c5e40d6e2f4bc8b. Jeremy Lenz
07:58 PM Katello Revision f3891b2b (katello): Fixes #37309 - Add Katello columns to new host index page (#10950)
Jeremy Lenz
07:31 PM Foreman Revision c21ac651 (foreman): Fixes #37293 - Add user columns to hosts index
- add column registry
- add plugin documentation
- Make breadcrumb a React link
- Respect display_fqdn_for_hosts setting
Jeremy Lenz


10:11 PM Katello Feature #37336 (Ready For Testing): Add bulk CV/LCE assignment to new All Hosts page
Jeremy Lenz


06:00 PM Katello Feature #37271 (Closed): As a user I want to be warned before the manifest (upstream consumer identity certificate) will expire, and have a notification to refresh the manifest.
Applied in changeset commit:katello|857df9e01ce9e8c594909c3b662e3cf62f2f904a. Jeremy Lenz
05:40 PM Katello Revision 857df9e0 (katello): Fixes #37271 - Notify users before manifest expiration
Jeremy Lenz
05:40 PM Katello Revision 4e585726 (katello): Refs #37271 - Show manifest expiration on manifest modal
Jeremy Lenz

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