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02:01 PM Katello Bug #27970 (Closed): Toast notifications not working when permissions are missing
Applied in changeset commit:katello|01635361297154a38c9d07083dc8e6244254f375.
01:02 PM Katello Revision 01635361 (katello): Fixes #27970 - handle objects in toast actions


08:51 PM Foreman Feature #29038: Add ability to generate a report by clicking a link in a notification email
decided to go with a third approach:
* The report is generated when the notification email is generated
* The lin...


01:11 PM Katello Revision bb2a20c9 (katello): Refs #29322 - Add pools_expiring_in_days scoped_search parameter (#8606)
* Refs #29322 - Add expiring_in_days method to Pool
allow access via Jail
For use in the Entitlements report temp...


07:45 PM Katello Feature #29322 (Ready For Testing): Add expiring_in_days method to Pool
Need to add the ability for a subscription to say how many days it is before it expires. Will be used...


05:01 PM Katello Refactor #26878 (Closed): Deprecated behavior still tested and not removed
Applied in changeset commit:katello|df2aa53a88fc67352bc6a03f8e01c7a8d233c0cb.
04:43 PM Katello Revision df2aa53a (katello): Fixes #26878 - commit deprecations (#8595)
* Refs #26878 - remove content_label param
* Refs #26878 - remove singular environment_id
from content_view_versio...
02:01 PM Packaging Bug #28939 (Closed): satellite-change-hostname isnt updating dynamic dns file with new hostname
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-packaging|7583d57fa620e90fd06b1087a324dca0a2f5f1b1.
01:44 PM Packaging Revision 7583d57f (foreman-packaging): Fixes #28939 - change-hostname: update DNS records when changing hostname (#4706)
* Fixes #28939 - update DNS records after changing hostname
* Refs #28939 - update definition of dns_managed?


09:31 PM Packaging Bug #29268 (Rejected): satellite-change-hostname DNS update needs to handle IPv6 / AAAA records
Now that the change-hostname script uses nsupdate to update DNS records (A/NS/SOA), it will also need to handle IPv6 ...

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