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05:40 PM Katello Refactor #30450 (Rejected): Use API hook and Foreman API middleware for all React API requests
We will use this pattern for the new pages and for any other refactoring we do. Not enough resources to go back and ...


05:37 PM Katello Bug #33494 (New): New Host details - Make Katello subtabs work with Foreman routing
When visiting /experimental/hosts/:host_id#/Content, the subtab you are currently viewing needs to be reflected in th...
03:38 PM Foreman Bug #33492 (New): Global registration - Generate button should return you to General tab
When I use the Global Registration feature to generate a command, sometimes I am on the Advanced tab when I'm ready t...


09:24 PM Katello Feature #33485 (Ready For Testing): [SAT-4229] New host details Content - Errata - Table row expansion
05:16 PM Katello Revision 5a755505 (katello): Refs #33078 - Move forceRender inside hook (#9635)


11:08 PM Katello Feature #33078 (Closed): [SAT-4231] Traces - Bulk select & restart
Applied in changeset commit:katello|06b3f66ce9609ac3e93d124f6cf14734c9ca9e0a.
10:14 PM Katello Revision 06b3f66c (katello): Fixes #33078 - Add Traces bulk select & restart (#9594)
* Fixes #33078 - Add Traces bulk select
* Use Set to store selected table rows
* Add selections across pages
* Add...


09:26 PM Katello Bug #33276: Updating per_page on table sends the page into infinite loops
<jeremylenz> We need to be sure that if the user has changed the perPage value in the dropdown, we no longer care abo...
05:16 PM Katello Bug #33289 (New): CV Breadcrumbs don't show filters
New Content Views Page - When viewing a content view filter,
expected: Breadcrumbs should read Content Views > {CV...
05:13 PM Katello Bug #33288 (New): Enter key doesn't work when creating a content view filter
New Content Views page - If I go to create a filter:
1. After entering the details, I cannot press Enter to create...

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