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03:01 PM Katello Bug #36197 (Closed): Add simple-content-access param to organization update command
Applied in changeset commit:katello|2b70c9d6495d6207f52ce333bc85686a21195856.
03:01 PM Katello Bug #36198 (Closed): Suppress 'Nothing to update' message when toggling SCA
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-katello|c644dd65f97c6c052dd0b73140abaf3e387b23bb.
02:55 PM Katello Revision 2b70c9d6 (katello): Fixes #36197 - Allow SCA toggle during org update (#10491)
02:51 PM Katello Revision c644dd65 (hammer-cli-katello): Fixes #36198 - Suppress 'Nothing to update' message when toggling SCA


08:01 PM Katello Feature #36035 (Closed): Change default status of shown repositories in content view
Applied in changeset commit:katello|d400e3996f068841259b6d4274288f547e7a5f06.
07:52 PM Katello Revision d400e399 (katello): Fixes #36035 - Add empty content states for CV repositories (#10479)
Refs #36035 - Add proper documentation URL helper


05:32 PM Katello Bug #36202 (New): ACS page shows loading spinner forever after bulk removing ACSs
When I select all ACSs and click Remove, the Loading spinner stays on the screen indefinitely
03:23 PM Katello Revision b0a187ee (katello): Refs #35873 - add ouiaIDs to ACS edit modals (#10489)
* Refs #35873 - add ouiaIDs to ACS edit modals
* Refs #35873 - Add Text components with ouiaIds
02:01 PM Katello Bug #36064 (Closed): Host cloning is broken
Applied in changeset commit:katello|870746dc26734a7afbf7112bd6ed59b000755990.
01:21 PM Katello Revision 870746dc (katello): Fixes #36064 - don't try to assign an empty CV/LCE to a cloned host (#10448)

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