Martin Hovmöller




10:18 AM Foreman Bug #25052 (New): db:migrate from 1.17 to 1.19 fails if table table_preferences already exists.
I have a foreman setup running 1.19 where I imported a database from a machine running foreman 1.17.
After importing...


11:53 AM Foreman Bug #12153: failed to rollback compute resource due to locked disk (oVirt)
I'm getting this issue in RHV 4.1, foreman 1.15.6.


08:53 AM Foreman Bug #12700 (Closed): Failing puppet runs report as ok.
I didn't realize node.rb wasn't updated with new releases. Our node.rb was apparenly from April 2014.
I can't really...
06:13 AM Foreman Bug #12700 (Closed): Failing puppet runs report as ok.
We have a number of hosts that are failing their puppet runs with errors like this:
@Could not retrieve catalog from...


07:43 AM Foreman Feature #11629 (New): Possibility to set "Physical Memory Guaranteed" option for machines created in oVirt compute resource.
Machines created in an oVirt compute resource get the same "guaranteed physical memory" as "memory size".
This makes...


07:18 AM Foreman Bug #9695 (New): Clearer template errors should be given during build review
When putting a machine in build mode, if there is an error in the template the error message is very vague, like "Fai...
07:16 AM Foreman Bug #9694 (New): Usage of "osver" in templates give error when setting build mode.
If osver is used instead of host.operatingsystem.major, the error "Failure parsing <template name>: undefined method ...


10:48 AM Foreman Bug #9683 (New): Operating system family name not consistent inside templates
In the Hosts -> Operatings systems area, when choosing OS Family for a host, the Red Hat family is spelled just like ...


09:39 AM Docker Bug #9368 (Closed): Unable to create new container
09:38 AM Docker Bug #9368: Unable to create new container
Commenting out the change_table block seems to have worked.
The migrate worked fine after the change, I added it bac...

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