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10:01 AM Foreman Feature #33470 (Closed): Support CentOS Stream 8 detection based on all facts
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|16701e6bc97c716b7b316a0715285a6e6591e7b8. Dominik Matoulek
09:27 AM Foreman Revision 16701e6b (foreman): Fixes #33470 - Adding support for CentOS Stream
The facts from Stream has not yet supported in Foreman. This PR adds correct recognition for all parsers. Dominik Matoulek


06:50 AM Website Revision a06a0207 (theforemanorg): Since the function of audits expire has changed, it's good to change docs too.
Dominik Matoulek


11:01 PM Foreman Bug #34068 (Closed): Rename Job Invocation template
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|953af356bfa71eecce76600c3f4612cbdec07ce8. Dominik Matoulek
10:02 PM Foreman Revision 953af356 (foreman): Fixes #34068 - Inconsistent name of Job invocation report template
Job invocation report template has bad name. It looks that the report template belongs to "Jobs" object but it isn't.... Dominik Matoulek


07:01 AM Katello Bug #34075 (Closed): update calls due to fact parsers organization
Core has PR with new fact parsers organization. However, some calls in Katello remain untouched. Dominik Matoulek


12:43 PM Foreman Bug #34068 (Closed): Rename Job Invocation template
Job invocation report template has inconsistent name with others. Dominik Matoulek


12:01 PM Foreman Bug #33656 (Closed): Cloned viewer role cannot view facts
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|0d6eab6570c68299353ccc16cb5f6f231ab0abc6. Dominik Matoulek
11:03 AM Foreman Revision 0d6eab65 (foreman): Fixes #33656 - FactValue search by org and loc
Updating scoped search for Organizations and Locations relation at FactValue model. Current implementation doesn't wo... Dominik Matoulek


09:55 AM Foreman Feature #33904 (Ready For Testing): Organize fact parsers in core
Since the fact parsers have the own place in core, it would be good to organize them in better way. Dominik Matoulek

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