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03:01 PM Discovery Bug #33559 (Closed): Update registration of discovery fact parser
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|b02d95ad98148fc9cbd1f28e8fcaa28a6c647a5f.
02:26 PM Discovery Revision b02d95ad (foreman_discovery): Fixes #33559 - Update the call for registration of fact parser
There is a Parser registry in core and that makes old style of
registration at fact parser outdated. This PR updates ...
06:18 AM Discovery Bug #33559 (Closed): Update registration of discovery fact parser
Since there is a fact parser registry in core, the registration of fact parser is outdated


03:01 PM Katello Bug #33439 (Closed): Foreman setting has wrong description for a couple of parameters under Content Tab on the Foreman WebUI
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6d755b7dff116d611bf6eb5dfc73a3ab0c11cf02.
02:41 PM Katello Revision 6d755b7d (katello): fixes #33439 - Update settings explanation
Setting has now "Yes" and "No" options for boolean options. Explanations
doesn't reflect that. This PR fix that.


09:01 AM Foreman Feature #33419 (Closed): Add fact parser registry
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|fcd63a38456375144f15d174d8945e68615e0c1d.
08:50 AM Foreman Revision fcd63a38 (foreman): Fixes #33419 - Introduce Fact Parser Registry
FactParser class has two purposes in current codebase. It acts as parent
for other fact parses (PuppetFactParser, An...


01:08 PM Foreman Bug #33371 (Closed): Non-admin users can not list their Personal Access Tokens
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|77f4c1210e9ce584118be82432b3860d3971d84a.
12:55 PM Foreman Revision 77f4c121 (foreman): Fixes #33371 - Fixing personal tokens for users
Fixing situation where user can see and revoke own personal tokens
by remove permissions and only user and admin are ...
12:38 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #33441 (Closed): "Connect by IP" setting has bad explanation
Closing because explanation has been changed.

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