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10:01 AM Boot disk Feature #31726 (Closed): Settings to disable individual bootdisks
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_bootdisk|244a3e977f74bda87ce1a6bf81007e1af36ac2cc.
09:52 AM Boot disk Revision 244a3e97 (foreman_bootdisk): fixes #31726- Introducing disabling types of bootdisk
This PR introduces ability to disable types of bootdisk in settings


02:17 PM Foreman Revision 0866bc0e (foreman): fixes #32243 - Adding render_pagelet to subnet page
This PR introduced a pagelet endpoint at subnet index page. It's placed at the buttons part of every subnet record. S...
02:01 PM Discovery Refactor #14229 (Closed): Move assign_fact_to_category out of controller
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|958efe67c3ae1f1b9692ce8d0439530e3b5e731a.
01:38 PM Foreman Feature #32307 (Ready For Testing): allow rand method in safemode
01:33 PM Discovery Revision 958efe67 (foreman_discovery): Fixes #14229 - Refactoring assign_to_fact_category method
This method doesn't have ideal place in code. It placed in controller. Also this method is fill of repeating code tha...


11:01 AM Foreman Feature #31451 (Closed): Add Job Invocation Report template
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|7a8d91de7ae432c60b2f9fcbb6878e0f31d2db4e.
10:46 AM Foreman Revision 7a8d91de (foreman): Fixes #31451 - Adding Job Invocation template
Introducing new Job Invocation Report Template. This template allows shows result tasks for given invocation and hosts.


10:01 AM Foreman Feature #32170 (Closed): Add disks_total to reported data
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|9d93eceaf05d673513e3961df1f154f11c7bb179.
09:17 AM Foreman Revision 9d93ecea (foreman): Fixes #32170 - Adding total_disk_size to host facets
This PR introduced new parameter to hosts facets. Parameter is a total
disk size that is included in Discovery plugin...

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