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08:16 PM Foreman Feature #8524 (New): Enable/disable UID led/lamp/light via BMC
Blade/micro servers are often located within a cabinet only by the UID light. It would be very convient to be able t...
07:27 PM Foreman Feature #8523 (New): default BMC interface username/password for hostgroup
It gets pretty tedious rekeying the BMC credentials over and over again when they are very often identical for a grou...
06:52 PM Foreman Feature #8522 (New): ability to batch clone a host
When provisioning multiple hosts as clones of an existing host, it would be very convient to be able to submit the ne...
06:46 PM Foreman Bug #8521 (Closed): Host clone should include associated Puppet classes
As of @1.6.3@, cloning a host does not duplicate it's included classes. It would be very convient when provisioning ...
06:39 PM Foreman Feature #8520 (New): batch IPMI power commands (on/off/cycle/reset)
@1.6.3@ has the ability select multiple host from a query via the www uia and set them all to the build state via a s...
06:32 PM Foreman Bug #2749: Failed to fetch bmc information: undefined method `downcase' for nil:NilClass
#7543 is almost a duplicate of this issue but I think it could be considered an issue about the exception message sho...
06:23 PM Smart Proxy Bug #7543: allow additional rubyipmi connection options to be passed through
I've encountered this error message as well with @1.6.3@ and likely earlier releases. I'm not sure if this is the on...
06:15 PM Foreman Bug #8492: unable to overwrite BMC IP/mac address
The issue appears to be a bit more extensive than I first realized, even trying to change the password on an existing...


06:44 PM Foreman Feature #4528: Support Facter 2 structured facts
I just smacked into this in 1.6.3. Not even string structured facts are queryable via the gui.


02:49 PM Smart Proxy Feature #7839: Support IPv6
ipv6 support would be great. Foreman/proxy would need modification in multiple ways to support it (beyond changing t...

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