Adam Winberg




07:03 AM Foreman Bug #27983 (New): Can't update host compute attributes if snapshot exists (vmware)
Editing a host and trying to update f.ex. cpu/memory on the Virtual Machine tab yields an error message if the vm in ...


05:57 AM Foreman Bug #27972 (New): Can't edit hosts if compute resource is inaccessible
We use vmware as compute resource, and if our vCenter server is down for some reason we can't edit hosts at all in Fo...


02:30 PM Foreman Bug #27090 (New): Import of existing VM via API enforces compute_profile settings
Figured out how to trigger an 'import' of existing vm via API, by passing the 'compute_resource_id' parameter and the...


07:40 AM Foreman Bug #26795 (New): Token ID only visible to full admins, not organisation admins
This may be intended behavior, but for me it seems that organisation admins should be able to see the Token ID of the...


09:43 AM Foreman Bug #26066: Foreman changes owner from group to user on edit
The issue does indeed seem to be missing permissions - thanks for the tip!


05:55 PM Foreman Bug #26066: Foreman changes owner from group to user on edit
No, they dont have any usergroup permissions, didnt even think about that. I will add some view permissions and try i...


07:27 AM Foreman Bug #26066 (New): Foreman changes owner from group to user on edit
When we create machines in Foreman I make sure that 'owner' is set to the relevant AD group so all members of this gr...


08:37 AM Foreman Bug #24884 (New): Foreman removes dns/dhcp when editing interface and setting it to 'unmanaged'
I'm using the infoblox provider for managing host records in DNS with Foreman.
If I edit a managed interface and c...


10:42 AM Foreman Bug #24697: foreman-rake db:seed fails on upgrade to Foraman 1.17.1

As I understand it, from the file ...
10:38 AM Foreman Bug #24699 (Resolved): Dashboard widget 'Run distribution chart' gives error 'PG::DuplicateAlias'
This happens when I search for a specific host in the dashboard search. The 'Run distribution chart' widget then erro...

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