Adam Winberg




04:21 PM Foreman Bug #31141: Users can't edit their profile
I'm using mod_auth_cas for authentication in my apache vhost which sets REMOTE_USER, and then I use mod_lookup_identi...


12:11 PM Statistics Bug #18058: trend new page slow to load
Not sure if this is after the move to a separate plugin, but I am hitting this now. In my case the page is loading fo...
11:54 AM Statistics Bug #31542 (New): host list in trends not showing
Trying to show the hosts for a specific parameter in a trend chart by clicking on the legend below the chart yields a...
09:23 AM Statistics Bug #31541: tooltip in trends charts not showing
Easier to read console messages:...
09:22 AM Statistics Bug #31541 (New): tooltip in trends charts not showing
Hovering over a trends chart should show a tooltip displaying the value, but this does not work for me.
Checking ...


01:44 PM Foreman Bug #31141: Users can't edit their profile
Still having this problem on 2.3.1.
Any explanations?
Users that for some reason does not have an email addres...


07:43 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #31516 (New): Cockpit with ssh key passphrase does not work
Remote executions cockpit integration does not pick up the ssh key passphrase due to a syntax error in lib/smart_prox...
07:25 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #31511 (New): Job templates permission filter makes template dropdown disappear
If I try to restrict which job templates are visible to users the job templates dropdown is missing when using 'Sched...


12:11 PM Packaging Bug #31329 (Duplicate): rubygem-rkerberos incompatible with RHEL 8.3
The rubygem-rkerberos package provided in the Foreman repos for RHEL8 requires ''. RHEL 8.3 upd...


09:56 AM Foreman Bug #31165: LDAP usergroup sync makes logins very slow
Yes, the ldapsearch was performed on the Foreman server, against the same LDAP host.
I've already added the ldap ...

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