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04:24 PM Foreman Bug #13696 (New): Rebuild Config deletes PTR records but does not add them
Select a host in the all hosts section and choosing "Rebuild Config" fails every time with DNS failure. Foreman and ... Roger Spencer


08:52 PM Katello Revision b68836ab (katello-certs-tools): refs #10777 Use sha256 as default signing algorithm.
sha1 has been deprecated by many browsers and throws warnings when the
certificate expires after 12/31/2016.
sha256 ...
Roger Spencer
04:55 PM Katello Feature #10777: Change default certificate signing algorithm to sha256WithRSAEncryption
Created a pull request for this. Can't figure out how to update the Pull request field in this ticket though.
Roger Spencer
04:50 PM Katello Feature #10777 (Closed): Change default certificate signing algorithm to sha256WithRSAEncryption
Currently the default singing algorithm for certificates is hard-coded to sha1WithRSAEncryption. This has been depre... Roger Spencer


02:45 PM Foreman Bug #10228 (Closed): logs table needs index on source_id
Without an index on source_id in the logs table the cron job for reports:expire takes several minutes, locks tables, ... Roger Spencer


01:31 PM Foreman Bug #9873 (Closed): Failed report notifications for hosts owned by group only go to last user listed in group.
Just upgraded to Foreman 1.7.3 (from a ver...
Roger Spencer


04:26 PM Foreman Bug #3264 (Duplicate): Renaming a host group looses class parameter overrides
If a host group is renamed all class parameter overrides associated with it are lost.
Viewing the class overrides ...
Roger Spencer


09:40 AM Foreman Feature #2220 (Closed): Matchers should support inheritance of smart class parameters in nested hostgroups
Nested hostgroups should inherit class parameter overrides along with the classes they are inheriting.
Example Hostg...
Roger Spencer


01:35 PM Foreman Feature #2210 (New): Ignore skipped in email reports
With the daily email summary report, generated by:
cd ${FOREMAN_HOME} && /usr/bin/rake reports:summarize
have it ig...
Roger Spencer


01:28 PM Foreman Bug #1642: Puppet Runtime chart shows nothing
Shows same in Safari (5.1.5) and Chrome (19.0.1084.56) -- both on OS/X Lion.
Attaching screen shot.
Roger Spencer

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