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12:28 PM Foreman Bug #7092 (New): API doesn't send WWW-Authenticate header
If foreman receives an API request with no Authorization header, it should include the WWW-Authenticate header in the... Brian Rak


11:38 AM Foreman Bug #6402: Using "run puppet" feature fails: undefined method `gsub' for #<Array ...>
I also saw this when the foreman-proxy service was stopped, and I attempted to retrieve a certificate list.
Brian Rak


11:32 AM Foreman Bug #2717 (Closed): Run validation on automatically added hosts
I have a couple hosts that automatically get duplicates added (because the FQDN doesn't match what Foreman thinks it ... Brian Rak
11:27 AM Foreman Feature #2181: Ordering of ENC Parameters
I'd also like to request the ability to change the sort order for class parameters. For example, I've got "class net... Brian Rak


03:20 PM Foreman Feature #2315 (Assigned): IPv6 Support
It would be nice to be able to manage IPv6 hosts/subnets within Foreman.
Dealing with PXE/DHCP over IPv6 would als...
Brian Rak


05:36 PM Foreman Bug #2309 (Resolved): Invalid mac address leads to host data being lost
I was preparing a machine that I didn't know the full mac address for, so I entered 'aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff:gg'. When I a... Brian Rak


11:24 AM Foreman Feature #2286 (Resolved): Run 'puppet node deactivate' upon removing a host
If you're using PuppetDB, when you remove a host you need to run 'puppet node deactivate fqdn' in order to let Puppet... Brian Rak


01:49 PM Foreman Refactor #2038: Refresh kickstart template for EL6, F17+
ksdevice is still useful in EL6, it probably shouldn't be removed from that. Brian Rak


01:22 PM Foreman Feature #2089 (Closed): Expose network configuration via ENC
I'd like to see the hosts network information exposed as parameters in the ENC output. Currently we have to duplicat... Brian Rak


01:37 PM Foreman Feature #1990 (New): Show full timestamp on /reports/
On /reports/, it currently shows things like '3 days ago' rather then actual timestamps. This isn't terribly useful ... Brian Rak

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