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10:34 AM Foreman Revision 1bee49a8: Adds Organizations Object
adding setup_user method in test_helper
Add debug support to tests
Allow admin to add users to organizations and orga...


02:25 PM Foreman Feature #1595 (Closed): Test connection when adding/editing compute resource should display succe...
Applied in changeset commit:"e6d9c43ce659f4b1794eb570867f3b278565f023".
12:36 PM Foreman Revision 75409a89: refs #1589 - Remove hardcoded vmware vsphere_expected_pubkey_hash
Now, users will create a ~/.fog file containing:
:vsphere_expected_pubkey_hash: HASH_VALUE
12:36 PM Foreman Revision e6d9c43c: fixes #1595: show success on test connection
Added css class "btn_success" to the test connection button when the connection
is successful.
This still leaves beh...

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