Olivier Favre





03:41 AM Foreman Revision 75e617ae (foreman): Fix / in smart-variable param representation
The slash in the to_param representation was misleading ActionPack
to believe into an additional REST nesting level.
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 2b4726d3 (foreman): Make default value nullable in LookupKeys
Added javascript helpers.
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 3aad5a85 (foreman): Permit help_inline for checkboxes
The :help_inline option was appended as raw text after the checkboxes.
I created :help_text for this usage instead,
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 1cf2ffed (foreman): New ENC format, with puppetclass parameters
Offer a setting to control which format to use.
Output either with the puppet 0.23.0 through 2.6.4 format (like befor...
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 145ba5f4 (foreman): Permit easy creation of smart-variables
No longer restrict smart-var new and create.
Adapt smart-vars form to its possible contexts:
- from the /lookup_keys ...
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 5c00d1f2 (foreman): Create proper is_param column, stop the prefix madness.
Enforce varying scope key uniqueness.
No uniqueness enforcement for unbound smart-vars.
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 8562f1c1 (foreman): Improved smart-variable index
Added paging controller.
Add old puppetclass name for parameter smart-variables,
by taking the first part of its name...
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 9b8333d9 (foreman): Simplify failing is/to_parameter
The import broke by making is_parameter? return true only
for one of the environment the puppetclass appears in.
03:41 AM Foreman Revision 6e38cee2 (foreman): Fixes and _parameter helpers in LookupKey
Simplify .select([fields]) with .all.
Fix a small error with new parameters in new classes
Fix a small error using va...
03:41 AM Foreman Revision f9dc7a49 (foreman): Import puppetclasses and parameters into db
Parameters are mapped to automatically created smart-variables

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