marcelo veglienzone




02:58 PM Foreman Revision 94240a18 (foreman): fixes #4340 - 1.5 fix: Unassigned hosts outside stats box
Decided for auto instead since hidden could potentially clip content. Auto
will add a scrollbar if need be but should...


05:19 PM Foreman Feature #6320 (New): Filter PXE templates per hardware
It would be great to be able to automatically assign a specific PXE template according to the machine hardware, for i...


05:35 PM Foreman Bug #6295 (New): Duplicated drop box entries
After enabling and using organizations it looks like every drop box in the UI has duplicated entries, the same happen...


09:54 AM Website Revision 3960a474 (theforemanorg): added recommendation for rpmconf


01:00 PM Foreman Feature #6094 (New): Ability to add usergroups to organizations
At this time we are only able to add users to organizations, ideally we should be able to add entire usergroups to re...


01:39 PM Foreman Bug #6065: Inverting the admin flag has no effect on menu cache
I can confirm the patch works as expected.


06:43 PM Foreman Bug #5652 (Closed): vmWare Compute Resources not being honored
Steps to reproduce:
Create a VMware compute resource
Create a compute profile without thin provision...


03:14 PM Foreman Bug #4324: VMware NIC type incorrectly shows E1000 instead of vmxnet3
Just saw the new version which supposedly fixed all this
03:04 PM Foreman Bug #4324: VMware NIC type incorrectly shows E1000 instead of vmxnet3
The same applies to the hard disk, no matter what you mark it's always set to thin provisioning ( it even happens whe...


03:55 PM Foreman Feature #1194: Support hooking into host creation/deletion
I would like to see something like this to have foreman update freeipa upon host creation

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