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06:40 AM Foreman Revision c1aca33a: Fixes #6214 - Alphabetical menu sorting in the UI


02:39 PM Foreman Revision 35b6fb94: Fixes #7886 - Compute Resources should be ordered by name
01:40 PM Foreman Bug #7886 (Closed): Compute Resources in new host form should be ordered
Currently Compute Resources are ordered by :id, should be ordered by :name.


12:13 PM Foreman Revision 136d58af: refs #2314 - more choices in memory drop down
(cherry picked from commit f7d5a22e0fd28c3689273c03b652d91b6ed661ae)


07:02 PM Plugins Bug #2762: [column_view] Unable to access host summary page
I'm seeing this with the 1.3->1.4 upgrade as well. Not sure whats going on here...


12:06 AM Foreman Bug #4114: Trends don't scale well and become very slow
A lot of this is based on the number of data points as there is a loop that loops over each one to format it properly...


10:27 PM Foreman Bug #1932 (Closed): Allow LDAP authentication without requiring LDAP search
No use leaving tickets close for ever. This is no longer an issue for me because of change of our setup.
09:35 PM Foreman Bug #2314: Smaller grains for VM memory/RAM choice needed
09:29 PM Foreman Bug #2314: Smaller grains for VM memory/RAM choice needed
I also want this. PR incoming.


06:40 AM Foreman Bug #4016: Allow pre-provisioned storage with libvirt (multipath volumes)

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