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01:43 PM Foreman Bug #23949: Unable to create a osp compute resource with auth api v3
A fix for this has already been merged to 1.18 - https://github.com/theforeman/foreman/commit/1a191e14e4485c304ec37e5...


02:13 PM Ansible Bug #23936: Ansible Windows network facts
Would you be OK with your interfaces having names like "Red Hat VirtIO Ethernet Adapter 5". Asking because as you say...


09:06 AM Ansible Bug #22423: Facts parsing does not recognize Windows operatingssystems
Link to GH comment who provides some insights about what's going on too - https://github.com/theforeman/foreman_ansib...


02:06 PM Installer Bug #23905: Default ansible_dir should be ~foreman-proxy
It's configurable already, both in the installer or manually changing /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/ansible.yml. The ...
01:35 PM Installer Bug #23905 (Closed): Default ansible_dir should be ~foreman-proxy
Otherwise, ~foreman-proxy/.ansible.cfg settings are ignored when running Ansible jobs.
09:41 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #23898 (New): per_page is not respected on job invocations table
Both passing the parameter per_page=xxx through the URL, or choosing "X per page" on the Job Invocations table are ig...
09:36 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #23897 (New): When visiting Template Invocation, breadcrumb links to 404
When you're checking out the output of a Template Invocation, the breadcrumb shows a link to "Template Invocations" (...


03:01 PM Foreman Bug #23818 (Closed): Can't save OpenStack OSP 12 Compute Resource
Applied in changeset commit:5c45eb87116ee4558e2d8af64036aa3bbd0233db.
02:53 PM Foreman Revision 5c45eb87: Fixes #23818 - Update fog-openstack to save OpenStack OSP 12
On fog-openstack 0.1.23, Excon expects a 200 when it creates the first
key-pair on OpenStack. On recent versions, it ...
02:52 PM Packaging Revision ef263ced (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-fog-openstack to 0.1.25

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