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02:29 PM Smart Proxy Bug #24325 (Closed): Some modules are not imported
Not a bug, puppetclass/accounts does not have classes, only defines. Thanks Ewoud for noticing.
02:04 PM Smart Proxy Bug #24325 (Closed): Some modules are not imported
Take for example 'puppetlabs-accounts' from the forge. The response from the Puppet server API contains the 'accounts...


11:45 AM Hammer CLI Bug #24301 (New): Creating user with hammer having authentication source LDAP/AD should not ask for password
*Description of problem:*
When creating a user on Foreman with hammer having external authentication source LDAP/AD ...
11:35 AM Katello Bug #23745: On "Edit" host page, Satellite webui shows the "Content Source" value inherited from the HostGroup instead of the one currently set to the host.
Yup, it's a duplicate. The original PR didn't solve it for content source, the 2nd one did.
10:26 AM Foreman Bug #24298: Some audits show 'missing' instead of name
Moving to Foreman as I found the issue and it's in Foreman actually.
10:05 AM Foreman Bug #24298 (Ready For Testing): Some audits show 'missing' instead of name
To reproduce:
1. Go to a product.
2. In tab "Details", change "Sync plan" to a plan called 'test sync plan'.
3. ...
09:36 AM Ansible Bug #24296 (Closed): Remove option to import roles from Foreman host
In the past, the duplicity of being able to do everything through proxies or Foreman itself has led to bugs and confu...
09:19 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #24226 (New): Duplicate entries of remote execution capsule while creating subnet
This is definitely reproducible -


03:28 PM Foreman Feature #24290 (New): Use chronyd instead of ntp in provisioning templates on RHEL systems
Cloned from
*Description of problem:* In the current default p...
03:26 PM Installer Bug #24289 (Rejected): OpenJDK shows warning on puppetserver after installation
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
OpenJDK configuration g...

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