Daniel Lobato Garcia





02:01 PM Foreman Bug #24301 (Closed): Creating user with hammer having authentication source LDAP/AD should not ask for password
Applied in changeset commit:01d1fedc7c5da8722ae7ce4420721d507d357924.
01:05 PM Foreman Revision 01d1fedc: Fixes #24301 - Create user in LDAP does not require password
When creating a user on Foreman with hammer having external
authentication source LDAP/AD gives an error if password ...


01:35 PM Packaging Revision 42033669 (foreman-packaging): Include redhat_access plugin static assets in the spec
This plugin is not configured to compile the static assets, hence I'm
adding them to the spec.


08:46 AM Katello Bug #24554 (New): Per-page setting does not work in RPM and repo listings
Cloned from
*Description of problem:* In the list of packages ...


08:08 AM Foreman Bug #24540: Statistics headers are missing
I can confirm on 1.18 it's a problem. On a nightly RPM installation, however it has been fixed.


08:01 PM Foreman Bug #24298 (Closed): Some audits show 'missing' instead of name
Applied in changeset commit:f501c49ecc5da707a41d787e75baa07e29277bc6.
07:51 PM Foreman Revision f501c49e: Fixes #24298 - Some audits show 'Missing ID' instead of name
This happens when you're visiting the index page. The helper relies on
'@audit' to generate some of the audits. This ...


07:53 AM Ansible Feature #24363 (Ready For Testing): Proxy allows to import Ansible Variables from roles
07:19 AM Ansible Feature #24487 (Ready For Testing): API for Ansible Variables
After is merged, we should have an API for common operations (CRUD, impo...


12:53 PM Ansible Bug #24379: Unable to see config reports after upgrading
Which version of Foreman are you using?

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