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10:56 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #17337: after uninstalling remote-execution-plugin i can't create locations anymore
Encountered the same issue. Was able to solve it with the following sql statement: DELETE FROM public.templates whe... Daniel Gagnon


11:05 AM Foreman Bug #14692: Unable to change own username through web UI
This is still an issue on latest production release. Unable to rename any user. No errors are generated, but the ch... Daniel Gagnon


12:24 PM Smart Proxy Bug #16674 (Duplicate): when downloading boot images, a failure does not fail the operation in the UI
When setting build mode on a host, the proxy downloads the required files from boot from the internet. If the downlo... Daniel Gagnon


07:11 PM Smart Proxy Bug #14719: Allow TLSv1 for compatibility with some clients.
> I believe this indicates that foreman itself is trying to establish a connection with an older protocol.
Daniel Gagnon
06:47 PM Smart Proxy Bug #14719: Allow TLSv1 for compatibility with some clients.
Having a similar issue communicating between foreman and a smart-proxy after an upgrade to 1.12 and debian8.
Daniel Gagnon


10:21 AM Foreman Bug #8644: Host environment dropdown stays empty.
im thinking this was linked to #8643 somehow.
unable to replicate on newer foreman.
I think we can close this.
Daniel Gagnon
10:20 AM Foreman Bug #8643: Organisation and Locations do not save their settings unless Fix Mismatch is pressed.
unable to replicate on newer versions, might have been a workflow error.
I think this can be closed.
Daniel Gagnon
10:19 AM Smart Proxy Bug #8782: Missing whitespace in the cmd when using the mco provider for puppetrun
unable to replicate on newer version, might have been a ruby or some gem's version.
I think we can close this.
Daniel Gagnon


02:47 PM Foreman Bug #15148 (Duplicate): pgsql error when getting details on a trend
This error pops up when clicking on an item on a trend... Daniel Gagnon


02:02 PM Smart Proxy Bug #14952: dhcp_isc not respecting the :subnets: settings anymore
there was no error on the smart-proxy side as far as I can tell Daniel Gagnon

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