Dominic Cleal





11:02 PM Foreman Refactor #21103 (Closed): Replace 'false' AR callback results with explicit throw
Applied in changeset commit:66e834071e015ed76cd679f2486dc549016ffba7.
11:02 PM Foreman Refactor #21102 (Closed): Replace 'xhr' in tests with keyword argument
Applied in changeset commit:8decba41ba5eac9e75cafaa305a4a016d00e91fb.
11:02 PM Foreman Refactor #21902 (Closed): Replace use_transactional_fixtures setting
Applied in changeset commit:f48af26a1524528f1c9d49750a79450c4bef4365.
11:02 PM Foreman Refactor #21101 (Closed): Pass 'parameterize' separator as kwarg
Applied in changeset commit:4da2bd2088aaefb85ce51420d97444c336356c31.
11:02 PM Foreman Refactor #21100 (Closed): Explicitly set DB migration compatibility to 4.2
Applied in changeset commit:bc038098bc2f96986442ae2fffac4e4746933cec.
11:01 PM Foreman Refactor #21099 (Closed): Replace redirect_to :back with redirect_back
Applied in changeset commit:a0969d71c1c569eff30e792726b9fb081b2ee34c.
11:01 PM Foreman Refactor #21098 (Closed): Update functional test request positional args to keywords
Applied in changeset commit:d041d4bb5d20ffcfcd194d55b3c778a0cd046cf5.
11:01 PM Foreman Refactor #21097 (Closed): remove settings deprecated by Rails 5.0
Applied in changeset commit:a55600f438fff4098dcf9d5d1f28c75e78498298.
10:11 PM Foreman Revision 66e83407 (foreman): Fixes #21103 - Replace 'false' AR callback results with throw
10:11 PM Foreman Revision f48af26a (foreman): Fixes #21902 - Replace use_transactional_fixtures setting

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