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09:19 AM Foreman Feature #717: Add an option to overwrite foreman_url value for reverse proxy use
I'm not the original submitter but am also interested in running behind a reverse proxy. I'm currently running 1.1-st... Martijn van Oosterhout


08:34 AM Foreman Feature #1853: hostgroups can not be listed if filter = null
Just stumbled across this today when trying to figure out why my program using the API couldn't retrieve the list of ... Martijn van Oosterhout
04:39 AM Foreman Feature #1988: Add API for Host Parameters
Thanks for the link to the workaround, I didn't find that in my google searches and wouldn't have thought of it mysel... Martijn van Oosterhout


08:54 AM Foreman Feature #1988 (Closed): Add API for Host Parameters
The Foreman API is cool, but it's not complete. In particular I'd like to be able to programmatically change the host... Martijn van Oosterhout

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