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02:17 PM Foreman Feature #4250: Expose compute profiles via API
Dominic Cleal wrote:
> Which aspects in particular are the priority?
> Being able to manage compute profiles, a...
Libor Zoubek


11:40 PM Foreman Bug #4319 (Duplicate): Parameter with no value is not persisted in hostgroup

1. have a hostgroup
2. on parameters tab, create pparam "test" without value
3. save
4. open hostgroup ...
Libor Zoubek
11:38 PM Foreman Feature #4318 (New): Add editable description field for host parameter
Parameters often defined globally or in environments or hostgroup always have some meaning. Currently we can express ... Libor Zoubek


06:28 PM Foreman Bug #4252 (Duplicate): Correctly handle when VM is migrated between datacenters
Foreman is not able to handle VM migration between datacenters:
Steps to reproduce:
1. Have 2 oVirt datacenters (...
Libor Zoubek
05:27 PM Foreman Feature #4250 (Closed): Expose compute profiles via API
I've just upgraded to 1.4 so I could use compute profiles.
Could you please add compute profiles to API?
Libor Zoubek


06:42 AM Foreman Bug #2797 (Closed): Saving provisioning template ruins the template when preview mode is selected
Steps to reproduce:
1. edit any existing provisioning template
2. do some changes in Template editor
3. hit "Previe...
Libor Zoubek


05:55 AM Foreman Feature #2310 (New): Template validation
It would be nice if foreman had template validation feature.
h3. How we use foreman:
There is a group of people usi...
Libor Zoubek


06:44 AM Foreman Bug #2180 (Resolved): VNC Console times out when SSL is enabled
Environment: foreman 1.1.RC4 running through nginx+passenger, ssl enabled (self-signed certificate)
I am not able t...
Libor Zoubek

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