Marek Hulán





06:34 PM Ansible Bug #32378 (New): Error loading data from proxy: NoMethodError - undefined method `fetch' for nil:NilClass
The most fresh git checkout seems to be failing to load continous progress for Ansible job, it loads fine when the jo...
06:21 PM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #27000: Remote execution fails with error: Authentication failed for user root@
I seem to suffer from the same. The target is fedora 33. The jobs says...
06:13 PM Foreman Bug #20442: Unrecognized interface kill ENC
I have just reproduced the same, the problem is in the fact some interface is created as Nic::Base instead of Nic::Ma...


07:22 PM Webhooks Feature #32368 (New): When a webhook fails, I want to be somehow informed about that
If the response is 4xx or 5xx I as a user would like to know without watching logs. We may want to add some notificat...
07:18 PM Webhooks Refactor #32367 (New): When webhook fails on rendering the template, the API response is the exception of the rendering without more explanation
All I get is e.g. "undefined method host_name for nil Jail, as a user I'd like to get some more infromation, e.g. tha...
07:02 PM Webhooks Feature #32366 (New): Add ERB rendering for the target URL
Many REST APIs have paths like /api/hosts/:id/play_roles. The :id is a dynamic attribute. While I could create a shel...
06:58 PM Webhooks Feature #32365 (New): Add ability to clone the webhook
If I'm automating against some external application, I need to setup the same custom CA, same credentials, nearly the...
06:51 PM Webhooks Bug #32364 (New): If webhook name contains dot, I can't edit it
The UI returns 404, dots should probably be better escaped when we generate the link.
06:47 PM Webhooks Feature #32363 (New): Add a possibility to fire a webhook for testing purposes
This may be very tricky because we don't know, how to render the payload however it would be great if I could test th...


08:39 AM Discovery Bug #19448: After marking discovered hosts notification as read, new discovered host don't create notification
Unlinking closed PR, it will be still referenced in history

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