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Foreman Manager, Developer, Security team, Moderator 04/29/2013
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Packaging Manager, Developer, Security team, Moderator 08/30/2013
SELinux Manager, Developer, Security team, Moderator 06/10/2014
Smart Proxy Manager, Developer, Security team, Moderator 05/20/2013
Hammer CLI Developer 08/20/2018
Kafo Manager 09/05/2013
Plugins Security team 01/14/2019
ABRT Security team 01/14/2019
Ansible Manager, Developer, Security team 07/26/2016
Boot disk Security team 01/14/2019
Chef Manager, Security team 02/20/2014
DigitalOcean Security team 01/14/2019
Discovery Security team 01/14/2019
Docker Security team 01/14/2019
Foreman Google Manager 06/21/2022
Foreman Remote Execution Manager, Security team 06/09/2015
receptor plugin Manager, Security team 11/03/2020
foreman-tasks Manager, Security team 01/14/2019
foreman_setup Security team 01/14/2019
Infoblox Security team 01/14/2019
Katello Developer, Security team 03/09/2016
Hammer CLI CSV Developer, Security team 07/11/2018
Hammer CLI Import Developer, Security team 04/11/2016
Packaging Developer, Security team 03/09/2016
Runcible Developer, Security team 03/09/2016
KubeVirt Security team 04/23/2019
MCollective Security team 01/14/2019
OpenNebula Security team 01/14/2019
OpenSCAP Manager, Developer, Security team 03/29/2015
Salt Security team 01/14/2019
Templates Manager, Security team 01/14/2019
virt-who configure Manager, Developer, Security team 02/21/2017
Webhooks Manager 04/27/2021
Xen Security team 01/14/2019



02:05 PM Foreman Bug #37086 (Ready For Testing): Help page should not link libera chat anymore after the migration to matrix
Marek Hulán


10:24 AM Foreman Bug #37035 (Ready For Testing): Foreman services eats 100% CPU when it fails to start
Systemd unit is configured in a way to start the application over and over again. In case the app fails e.g. on missi... Marek Hulán


08:53 AM Foreman Bug #30985 (Resolved): Host's title should be align all over the row container in the new host details page
I believe this has been resolved Marek Hulán
08:49 AM Foreman Feature #36260: Add custom inputs on host creation
This is definitely not an easy task, but should be doable. We need to link template inputs to provisioning template a... Marek Hulán


02:13 PM Website Revision 40b5e97e (theforemanorg): Update the chat information
Marek Hulán


09:03 AM Foreman Revision c8e56133 (foreman): Refs #36705 - fix the spacing of settings erb
Marek Hulán


11:39 AM Leapp Feature #36666: Allow to select the kind of "channel" for the target OS: ga, eus, aus or e4s
That should be relatively easy, could you try updating the template yourself with the new input for specifying the ch... Marek Hulán


09:38 PM Ansible Bug #30691 (Resolved): Ansible runs role dependency on the begin of every dependency role.
Marek Hulán


12:35 PM Foreman Feature #28784 (Closed): RFE - Improving the nomenclature of the report templates
Marek Hulán


03:07 PM Foreman Bug #36173 (New): Personal access token calendar field has broken design
When trying to create a personal access token and when I click the calendar icon next to the expiration field, it ope... Marek Hulán

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