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06:01 PM Foreman Bug #31637 (Closed): Repository enable failed on http-proxy configured setup.
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|d60d1cb169ac83a8aed6ba7256c1b731dce07350.
05:40 PM Foreman Revision d60d1cb1 (foreman): Fixes #31637 - nilify http proxy credentials
Recently a HTTP form password field changed and is disabled unless user
explicitly sets the password. From the HTML f...


02:28 PM Foreman Bug #31637 (Closed): Repository enable failed on http-proxy configured setup.
Cloned from
*Description of problem:* Repository enable faile...


09:16 AM Discovery Bug #31621 (Closed): The discovery table does not style header properly
Comparing to the (general) hosts table, this table misses <thead> so the background of the head is not differentiated...


07:01 PM Katello Feature #30703 (Closed): Add Content View Version to Reporting Engine Template
Applied in changeset commit:katello|123fb89f0a5c01edc67eeeb29b828ceb687e9836.
06:02 PM Katello Revision 123fb89f (katello): Fixes #30703 - allow CV version to be used in templates
This method is necessary for enabling content view version be listed for
a host in the report templates. With this, i...


09:22 AM Foreman Bug #22259: Libvirt hostdev network breaks entire compute resource
PR is merged, waiting on fog-libvirt release so we can bump it on our end


02:01 PM Ansible Feature #31260 (Closed): Allow ansible_roles and inherited_ansible_roles in Host and HostGroup jail so it can be used in report templates
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|d1ca14a11384154b2d3f6b6f922442666c57d00a.
01:26 PM Ansible Revision d1ca14a1 (foreman_ansible): Fixes #31260 - add host group methods to the safemode
01:26 PM Ansible Revision 56091a85 (foreman_ansible): Fix rubocop

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