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06:59 AM Foreman Bug #33064: Importing Puppet classes fails with Failed to create Puppetclass: Environment can't be blank
I assuem this is a new instance. Did you install plugin afterwards or from the beginning? I'm looking at the code and...


12:30 PM Foreman Refactor #33062 (New): Should we extract the Puppet CA tab from Smart Proxy?
tracked as if it drops some API we should probably move this out soon to...
12:28 PM Foreman Tracker #33061 (New): Puppet extraction for 3.0
The tracker to link 3.0 blockers to related to the Puppet extraction. Some linked tasks may not be code-related and a...


04:08 PM Foreman Feature #32013 (Closed): Host Add-Parameter button should not float down page as new params are added.
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|702ba8eef4bdacdb60b12b20a38bd443ef0f048c.
03:24 PM Foreman Revision 702ba8ee (foreman): Fixes #32013 - improve the UX for adding host parameters
In the host form when there's a lot of puppet parameters, it's a lot of
scrolling for a user to add host parameters. ...
02:13 PM Foreman Feature #33034 (Ready For Testing): Provide a description for shipped provisioning templates


01:08 PM Foreman Feature #32589 (Closed): Support Oracle Linux registration
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|fd3dd9922af0fb8e1ce13768aa8e05e2776dd8ad.
12:05 PM Foreman Revision fd3dd992 (foreman): Fixes #32589 - add a support for Oracle Linux registration
The same subscription-manager flow needs to be activated also for OL. We
need to make sure we install the subscriptio...
09:08 AM Ansible Feature #24367 (Closed): Add SSH key passphrase support to ansible feature
Applied in changeset commit:smart_proxy_ansible|a169a9518b67b42088fdd2c45da6515a9c13367f.
08:34 AM Ansible Revision a169a951 (smart_proxy_ansible): Fixes #24367 - add support for passphrased keys
SSH keys protected by the passphrase is not possible to use with pure
Ansible. However ansible-runner provides a way ...

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