Marek Hulán





10:55 AM Foreman Bug #19171: Notification about missing owner of a host is present after host which has been destroyed
I can no longer reproduce this, it seems the owner is always forced to be set. Console now always sets the console ad...
08:01 AM Foreman Bug #34396 (Closed): Job report template enhancements
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|edbd77ed8bc5b0bfe9f4ced6b0ccd21c81a69481.
07:41 AM Foreman Revision edbd77ed (foreman): Fixes #34396 - job report tweaks
This change adds few enhancements to the existing Job report. The report
is used with REX plugin, which has a button ...


10:46 AM Foreman Bug #34498: CentOS9 and RHEL9 Guest OS are missing
This is incomplete, rbvmomi does not have the correct value in vmodl.db and given it's archived unmaintained gem, we ...


09:01 AM Foreman Bug #34809 (Closed): Host - Last Checkin report template is not showing any other content host apart from Foreman itself.
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|360c203f604e3a20c06ff83cc7e21abc657ff8cd.
08:38 AM Foreman Revision 360c203f (foreman): Fixes #34809 - provide a description for the checkin report (#9199)


01:01 PM Discovery Bug #34777 (Closed): Discovery kexec Provisioning Template is missing description
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_discovery|f2762aeb35d4b3fa9775490d3f8b5cc75cc194c5.
01:01 PM Boot disk Bug #34778 (Closed): Bootdisk Provisioning Templates are missing description
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_bootdisk|ae1ba506dbc5a3e77fadf71bc703916ded5236de.
12:56 PM Boot disk Revision ae1ba506 (foreman_bootdisk): Fixes #34778 - update all templates descriptions
12:55 PM Discovery Revision f2762aeb (foreman_discovery): Fixes #34777 - update template descriptions

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