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  • Hammer CLI Import (Developer, Security team, 04/11/2016)
  • Ansible (Manager, Developer, Security team, 07/26/2016)
  • virt-who configure (Manager, Developer, Security team, 02/21/2017)
  • Hammer CLI CSV (Developer, Security team, 07/11/2018)



02:50 PM Foreman Refactor #31143 (Ready For Testing): Use single quotes in registration templates for curl
10:25 AM Foreman Refactor #31138 (New): Host registration tab should be removed
The registration tab from the host detail should be removed or replaced by the new registration form. That should als...
10:20 AM Foreman Feature #31137 (New): The registration form should warn user if the OS does not have registration template associated


01:07 PM OpenSCAP Feature #31083 (New): Add a Vulnerability Host sub-status based on the last received OVAL report
11:13 AM Foreman Bug #31082 (Ready For Testing): The new insights registration snippet should be added to the Kickstart file
The same logic we have in registration should be present in the provisioning stack. The insights snippet should be ad...
11:12 AM Foreman Feature #31081 (New): I should be able to specify REX interface during the registration
As a user, I want to determine the REX interface for the host as part of the registration. The form should probably h...


04:00 PM Foreman Bug #31070 (Ready For Testing): Improve the foreman_server_ca_cert macro documentation
The macro can cause a confusion and should explain what it relies on today


03:03 PM Katello Bug #31050 (Ready For Testing): Registration fails if Katello is involved and the host is already subscribed, just not registered to this Satellite
As part of testing, I found an issue in less common case. If the host is arleady registered by subscription-manager, ...
02:47 PM Foreman Feature #31049 (Ready For Testing): Add more reliable way to detect Foreman CA certificate
As "discussed in the PR":, we rely on a setting,...


05:13 PM Foreman Feature #31021 (Ready For Testing): Global registration should support disabling insights setup
We need a new param to set the host_registration_insights parameter for registered host to false or true. Based on th...

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