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08:00 AM Foreman Feature #10661 (New): Audit puppetruns through the UI
It would be great if the puppetruns triggered through the foreman UI were auditable. That way you could see who trigg... Petter Hassberg


08:43 AM Foreman Bug #7851 (Duplicate): Long smart class parameters and values gets truncated in foreman "Parameters" section
Although there is plenty of space on both sides of the table of the "Parameters" section when editing a host or hostg... Petter Hassberg


10:13 AM Foreman Bug #7378 (Closed): foreman api v2, GET to /api/v2/puppetclasses/foo/smart_class_parameters returns ALL smart class parameters for all puppet classes, if foo is not a valid puppet class
When doing an API GET request to /api/v2/puppetclasses/foo it returns a 404 unless there is a puppet class named foo.... Petter Hassberg


10:10 AM Foreman Bug #7334 (New): Filters in applied to role in foreman correctly show the list of hosts in the host index, but breaks functionalty of multi-select action button and displays incorrectly in the modal windows that open.
When applying filters on a role which should only be able to perform Host/managed actions on a subset of the hosts, i... Petter Hassberg


06:32 AM Foreman Bug #5807 (Duplicate): PGError: "value too long for type character varying(255)" for INSERT INTO "audits" when overriding "smart variable" in hostgroup with >255 characters value.

After upgrading to foreman 1.5.0-1.el6, when overriding smart class variable in hostgroup, setting the value to som...
Petter Hassberg


07:25 AM Foreman Bug #5505 (Resolved): Non-admin cannot remove hostgroup without removing associated puppet classes first: ERROR: update or delete on table "hostgroups" violates foreign key constraint "hostgroup_classes_hostgroup_id_fk"
In foreman 1.4.2 when creating a user in a role associated with the following perms:... Petter Hassberg


08:28 AM Foreman Feature #5175 (Closed): Possibility to run puppet agent with --noop flag from foreman UI
Sometimes you want to run a puppet agent with noop flag if you've introduced a lot of changes, just to see what would... Petter Hassberg
08:27 AM Foreman Feature #5174 (New): Possibility to run puppet agent with --tags from foreman UI
It would be great if it was possible to trigger a puppet run with support for tags.
If you could select from a lis...
Petter Hassberg


03:16 PM Foreman Bug #4003 (Resolved): Nested host group does not show inherited puppet classes during creation.
To recreate bug:
1. create a hostgroup
2. add puppet classes to host group
3. nest a new hostgroup under the fir...
Petter Hassberg


01:53 PM Foreman Bug #3829 (Resolved): Unable to delete a user when that user have created hostgroups, reports etc
A user which have created systems and hosgroups in the foreman cannot be deleted without changing owners etc for thes... Petter Hassberg

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