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06:47 PM Docker Bug #22761: POSTing to /docker/api/v2/containers throws ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments ...
Moving to foreman project
02:28 PM Katello Bug #24004 (New): the container image manifests shown on product repo page should be specific to ...
Sync a repo like busybox that contains manifest lists.
Create a content view filter that only includes latest and pu...


12:52 PM Katello Bug #19473 (Rejected): Docker CV Filters need to work with the Schema 1/ Schema 2 changes
Including both schema types for a tag is desirable.


06:01 PM Katello Bug #23866 (Closed): repositories index returning incorrect repository ids for lifecycle environment
Applied in changeset commit:katello|d434ddaedce55199812718c20fe3596fee2fa612.
06:01 PM Katello Bug #23850 (Closed): lifecycle environment container image tags search 500s on server
Applied in changeset commit:katello|d434ddaedce55199812718c20fe3596fee2fa612.
05:47 PM Katello Revision d434ddae (katello): fixes #23850,#23866 - lifecycle container image tags
03:53 PM Katello Feature #23899: As a container image admin, I want option to expose some images without requiring...
This seems reasonable to implement: The request header will have the repo being pulled which can simply be checked fo...


05:01 PM Katello Bug #23822 (Closed): docker v2 api - allow repositories with slashes in routes
Applied in changeset commit:katello|39817828cd4dd477663ed04a0e7c1a3f4ae21a67.
04:36 PM Katello Revision 39817828 (katello): fixes #23822 - allow slashes in registry repo routes


01:24 PM Katello Bug #23903 (New): Removing subscription from manifest still shows repos to enable
For my test:
+ import manifest w/ satellite subscription
+ enable and sync satellite rpms repo
+ refresh manifes...

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