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07:28 PM Packaging Revision bb4adf0a (foreman-packaging): Set proper download URLs for rubygems


10:27 AM Hammer CLI Import Bug #17589 (Closed): Unable to import, first import content view with id
Cloned from
Description of problem:
when trying to import s...


09:29 AM Katello Bug #16469 (Closed): katello-installer - exclude build dirs from from rubocop checking


01:54 PM Katello Bug #16455: capsule-certs-generate fails for missing parser cache
Is there any opposition to generating the parser cache in capsule-certs-generate since its config is inline? What I'm...


09:35 AM Foreman Bug #6792 (Resolved): production.log filled with data when binary file uploaded to provisioning t...
This doesn't appear to be a problem anymore. I can populate the template editor with a binary file, but I can't uploa...


10:35 AM Kafo Feature #16230 (Closed): Read multiple parser caches for a single configuration


02:15 PM Katello Bug #15938 (Closed): Generate katello-installer's parser cache for kafo and include in the source...


01:55 PM Katello Feature #15801 (Assigned): Add ability to mass create fake hosts in perfhammer with latest versio...


11:40 AM Katello Bug #15376 (Closed): Cannot apply large sets of errata on errata page because the host search ret...
It looks like the request to get a list of hosts with applicable errata from the selected list on the errata page is ...


11:34 AM Katello Bug #15366 (Closed): Errata Install to Content Host takes too long and doesn't scale well
Cloned from
Description of problem:
When applying (installi...

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