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05:01 PM Docker Bug #25874 (Closed): hammer docker manifest list never shows docker tag names
Applied in changeset commit:hammer_cli_foreman_docker|b12b9a0f10d31d748facb234d030ee11d89e75fe.
04:01 PM Docker Revision b12b9a0f (hammer_cli_foreman_docker): Fixes #25874 - Shows tag info in manifest list
Prior to this commit "hammer docker manifest list" would show empty
values in the "Tag Names" column. This is because...


08:34 PM Katello Bug #25884 (Closed): slow errata query on dashboard
Steps to Reproduce:
The errata query running while loading the `Latest Errata` widget is slow and it takes a minute ...
02:22 AM Docker Bug #25874 (Closed): hammer docker manifest list never shows docker tag names
`hammer docker manifest list` has "Tag name" column, but never shows anything in it.
It seems that hammer_cli_fore...


11:40 PM Katello Bug #25873 (Ready For Testing): RHSM: package_profile_on_trans option needs to be set
Subscription manager commit ->


10:07 PM Katello Bug #25845 (Closed): Need to add module streams in hammer o/p for "host errata info"

Steps to Reproduce:
> hammer> host errata info --host-id 5 --id RHEA-2012:0059
Title: Duck_Kangaroo_Er...


04:28 AM Katello Bug #25688 (Closed): Can set docker_white_tags even for yum repos
Run the following command...


08:54 PM Katello Bug #25676 (Closed): UUID error on syncing repo with module errata
Sync a repo with module errata but missing module definition (


09:57 PM Katello Bug #25667 (Closed): Should expose suse client repos via http
Soon sles client repos will be exposed via the cdn, and they need to be accessed in an unprotected manner (currently ...


11:01 PM Katello Bug #25643 (Closed): undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass when more virt-who reports are sent a short time after othe
Applied in changeset commit:katello|91fd93dcfabf84f6fdc77490fffab4b6a7896f6e.

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