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04:02 AM Katello Feature #26643: Allow to change mediapath for synced content to ip
Synced Content url media path is dynamically generated based on the smart proxy it points to. (


08:01 PM Katello Bug #27080 (Closed): ping failing - if pulp3 is not enabled
Applied in changeset commit:katello|0244f87c41883e29c5488fe4318c2130aa50873a.
07:41 PM Katello Revision 0244f87c (katello): Fixes #27080 - pulp3 not in ping if disabled (#8166)
* Fixes #27080 - pulp3 not in ping if disabled
Pulp3 status information will not show up in ping if pulp3 is disable...


04:04 AM Katello Bug #27080 (Closed): ping failing - if pulp3 is not enabled
1) Make sure your smart proxy does not have the "Pulp3" feature (you can disable in /etc/foreman-proxy/pulp3.yml, res...


05:01 PM Katello Bug #26920 (Closed): Cannot install errata via katello host tools when using libdnf
Applied in changeset commit:katello-host-tools|05c9eebc0aeb43687a1900fead1649ce7c53189d.
04:15 PM Katello Revision 05c9eebc (katello-host-tools): Fixes #26920 - Install errata via libdnf
This commit ensures that the packages belonging to errata are upgraded
12:01 AM Katello Feature #26857 (Closed): Services check before running an action for pulp3
Applied in changeset commit:katello|41c6b6c9fc83ea62c4b749f8cff4a4037fcb8744.


11:08 PM Katello Revision 41c6b6c9 (katello): Fixes #26857 - Pings pulp3 services before actions (#8127)
* Fixes #26857 - Pings pulp3 services before actions
Adds bindings for services checking before anu pulp3 actions. T...
06:02 PM Katello Bug #27040 (Closed): Recommended Repositories needs rhel8 channels
Applied in changeset commit:katello|ea3d7cb751b22d0abe0d8d3175fefcc4a4484fcd.
04:03 PM Katello Revision ea3d7cb7 (katello): Fixes #27040 - RH Recommended Repos shows RHEL8 (#8162)
Add RHEL 8 channels to the recommended repositories

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