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10:13 AM Foreman Feature #6496 (Closed): Allow match helper method
I think it would be useful if the :match helper was allowed in safe mode template rendering, e.g. to match on parts o... Marco De Vitis


10:20 AM Foreman Bug #6486 (New): Testing connection to VMware compute resource deactivates Console passwords option
I have a VMware compute resource configured in Foreman, and the "Console passwords" option for the resource is active... Marco De Vitis
10:05 AM Foreman Bug #6485 (Duplicate): VMware host edit page shows wrong Cluster and Network
When a host has been created on a VMware compute resource, and you go back to the Edit -> Virtual Machine page for th... Marco De Vitis


05:58 AM Foreman Feature #1945: Better VMWare support for non-clusters setup
I confirm this bug is still present in Foreman 1.5.1, and Ohad's patch works. Marco De Vitis


01:30 PM Foreman Feature #4317: Build button - Vmware provisioning - single click rebuild
Well, I actually sort of like the fact that the build will happen on the next boot, so that I have time to cancel it ... Marco De Vitis
01:27 PM Foreman Bug #5510 (Closed): Set network as first boot device for VMs in VMware compute resources
When creating a virtual machine via Foreman on a VMware compute resource (ESX), the boot order of the VM has the hard... Marco De Vitis


01:09 PM Foreman Bug #3846 (Duplicate): Host Groups are not taken into account in Puppet Classes usage count
The Configuration / Puppet Classes page shows all available classes and their usage count (in the "Hosts" column), bu... Marco De Vitis
12:57 PM Foreman Bug #3844 (New): Confusion with colors and status in web GUI
In the dashboard the orange color is used for the "Hosts with no reports" status group, and in the Hosts page, indeed... Marco De Vitis


10:17 AM Hammer CLI Bug #3818 (Closed): Wrong name used for Puppet class selection in host create
When using "hammer host create" with the --puppet-class-ids parameter to add some Puppet classes to the new host, ham... Marco De Vitis


09:52 PM Hammer CLI Feature #3781 (New): Allow memory size in MB and GB in --compute-attributes key
The --compute-attributes option when creating a host on a Libvirt provider accepts a "memory" key, which currently ha... Marco De Vitis

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