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08:39 PM Ansible Bug #16872: Unable to run ansible roles on a host
@sachin, can you retest this?


12:11 PM virt-who configure Feature #18608 (Rejected): Need cloning option for virt-who config
With the latest form I don't think there is a need for cloning as most of the required values are unique and the defa...


11:50 AM virt-who configure Bug #19334 (Closed): virt-who daemon not reporting status back to Satellite at regular intervals
I used the virt-who plugin to configure a libvirt host. The initial check-in worked and the UI Dashboard showed that...
10:04 AM virt-who configure Bug #19330 (Closed): Make virt-who widget compliant with other widgets
Few issues:
1. The title `Virt-who Configurations Statistics` should be called `Virt-who Configuration Status`
2. T...


09:53 AM virt-who configure Bug #19299 (Closed): Hypervisor ID field defaults to hostname, but the help text says uuid is the default
We should either fix the `Hypervisor ID` dropdown to make `uuid` as default or fix the help text to match the default...


05:23 PM virt-who configure Bug #19014 (Closed): Need name field for virt-who configuration items
See the attachment. Currently the virt-who configurations have the hostname as title.


03:43 PM virt-who configure Bug #18989 (Closed): the hidden virt-who reporting user is able to login to UI
Currently the new hidden users are able to login using UI
I was able to login to my test server using `virt_who_re...
03:16 PM virt-who configure Revision 0df33338 (foreman_virt_who_configure): Clarify the virt-who host in the config display


01:46 PM virt-who configure Bug #18607 (Closed): Permission issue in Satellite after running `virt-who --one-shot` using libvirt
Verified in tfm-rubygem-foreman_virt_who_configure-0.0.1-1.fm1_15.git.3766.b35a969.el7.noarch
01:42 PM virt-who configure Bug #18628 (Closed): In the new virt-who config page - Satellite url field is incorrectly populated
Verified in tfm-rubygem-foreman_virt_who_configure-0.0.1-1.fm1_15.git.3766.b35a969.el7.noarch

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