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09:38 AM Katello Bug #18806: Duplicate declaration: /etc/foreman-proxy/ssl_key.pem
@Eric Hansen: if I recall right you can just comment out one of the resources that's duplicate - but in general this ... Klaas D
09:36 AM Installer Bug #22443: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Resource Statement, Duplicate declaration:
Duplicate of Klaas D


07:58 PM Katello Bug #20853 (Resolved): Candlepin Update: Delete of hypervisor fails with FK Error
yes Klaas D


02:44 PM Katello Bug #20993: [Katello 3.4] regular qdrouterd segfaults
Upstream link Klaas D


04:03 PM Foreman Bug #19623: Changes to vmware vm gives 'Could not find network X on VMWare compute resource' (last comment added) Klaas D


07:44 AM Katello Bug #21027: Katello [3.4.5] shows RedHat Subscriptions twice
I've seen similar issues that in 3.4.0 / 3.4.1 and they were fixed by correcting the migration tasks. Did you directl... Klaas D
06:45 AM Katello Bug #20982: Reboot required - Katello Agent
so this is a duplicate of #20703 / #20885 I'd guess :) Klaas D
04:11 AM Katello Bug #20982: Reboot required - Katello Agent
I think this is in tracer not katello, fixed in next tracer release
Klaas D


08:23 AM Infoblox Bug #20947: unused ip returns an ip from a wrong network
is this an issue in our smart proxy or with the infoblox api? Klaas D
08:12 AM Katello Bug #20999: [Activation Keys] You cannot unselect a content view + lifecycle environment in webui
... in webui :) Klaas D

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