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05:23 PM Katello Feature #33849 (Ready For Testing): [SAT-4229] Packages - basic table
* List packages with status (read-only table with disabled actions)
* Get it working with pagination
* Add autocomp...
04:01 PM Katello Bug #33308 (Closed): Audit the code for SmartProxy lookups that should be unscoped
Applied in changeset commit:katello|cac7bf1d42aa681de6745666d98ca7629baacb83.
03:42 PM Katello Revision cac7bf1d (katello): Fixes #33308 - uses unscoped find query for smart proxy


03:01 PM Katello Bug #33335 (Closed): Debian Packages -> install probably generates an exception in remote_execution controller
Applied in changeset commit:katello|c9141f326b09cc05f83f12851a479c945b7abadc.
02:34 PM Katello Revision c9141f32 (katello): Fixes #33335 - Fix an issue with Debian Packages - Update


04:01 PM Katello Bug #33327 (Closed): Hammer host errata recalculate fails to display task
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-katello|309a820e95e32e6b343263f43ed2d53e41a977ee.
03:28 PM Katello Revision 309a820e (hammer-cli-katello): Fixes #33327 - host errata recalculate does not need --async flag


03:01 PM Katello Support #33649 (Closed): Add Github action that watches when we change dependencies
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a19f0c29f9918069076b49b36f1fc0c297689704.
02:07 PM Katello Revision a19f0c29 (katello): Fixes #33649 - add github action labeler


07:06 PM Katello Support #33649 (Closed): Add Github action that watches when we change dependencies
Github has a feature where you can add a CODEOWNERS file and it will require a review from people or teams you specif...

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