Timo Goebel





02:35 PM Foreman Feature #26887 (Ready For Testing): graphql login: count login failures as brute force attempts
In #26487 a graphql mutation was added that allows users to sign in via username/password. The user is then issued a ...
08:41 AM Discovery Feature #26886 (New): graphql: add queries for DiscoveryRules
Graphql support was added for Foreman 1.22. This issue aims add extending the schema to support discovery rules.


02:02 PM Foreman Refactor #26860 (Closed): refactor mediumpath to os base class
Applied in changeset commit:d3d12e313bf91c0608a6e470d5e8eb2c0285f7ff.
01:45 PM Foreman Revision d3d12e31: fixes #26860 - refactor mediumpath to os base class
12:01 PM Foreman Bug #26842 (Closed): altlinux: support mediumpath
Applied in changeset commit:d89d956fb13baf78e51ead597657a28a4193b434.
11:19 AM Foreman Refactor #26860 (Closed): refactor mediumpath to os base class
The method mediumpath is defined in several subclasses of operatingsystem. We should refactor it and move the code to...
11:13 AM Foreman Revision d89d956f: fixes #26842 - altlinux: fix mediumpath
10:01 AM Foreman Bug #26841 (Closed): render install_path for sparc hosts
Applied in changeset commit:8b6e222ba71f3b73bec92d93938c7e856cae50cf.
09:23 AM Foreman Revision 8b6e222b: fixes #26841 - sparc: render install_path


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #26831 (Closed): execute refresh_usergroups task as anonymous admin
Applied in changeset commit:d99fa3fbf35b389e806910de59220f1406f3b10d.

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