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05:36 PM Foreman Bug #36360 (New): include installation parameter to support puppet 8
to follow up from #31593 include puppet 8 parameters for use with puppet 8 clients to begin availability of puppet 8 ... Matt Darcy


11:35 AM Installer Revision 9c606014 (puppet-dns): logging channel error message typo faility to facility
Matt Darcy


10:37 AM Installer Revision 81c5bf36 (puppet-dns): Change IRC support details for foreman website support URL
Matt Darcy


05:25 PM Installer Revision 9db91f1a (puppet-dns): Remove dnssec-enable option for EL >= 9 (#218)
EL9 ships with a version of BIND where dnssec-enable is invalid. In
cc80d3caa6fbb8e7aa3b79aaa8d049d2d443324e it was m...
Matt Darcy


05:01 PM Foreman Bug #35466 (Closed): Change puppetlabs_repo snippet to reference puppet-release files from repo root directory
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|50cb00e795d06a6de911a2c199722966525b577a. Matt Darcy
04:50 PM Foreman Revision 50cb00e7 (foreman): Fixes #35466 - Correct repo location of puppet-release files
Matt Darcy


11:31 AM Installer Revision f8f3d130 (puppet-dns): stopped zone file from being created if zone type is forward
Matt Darcy
08:42 AM Foreman Revision 2c5b0661 (foreman): fixes #31593 - included puppet7 param in kickstart_default header
Matt Darcy


07:49 AM Foreman Bug #35514 (New): Missing global parameter declared in Kickstart Default template
as part of #31593
Kickstart default got a new parameter to both enable Puppet 7 clients at provision time and cha...
Matt Darcy
07:45 AM Foreman Refactor #31593 (Resolved): remove reference to legacy puppet brand identifier puppetlabs in provision templates
Matt Darcy

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