Matt Darcy




01:53 PM Katello Revision 99b7d365 (smart_proxy_pulp): Add a README


01:19 PM Foreman Feature #24419 (Duplicate): puppet class - parse and honour puppet 5 variable definitions
in line for puppet 5 module development standards/best practices the definition of variable data type should be inclu...


12:06 PM Installer Support #23701: How to Install Foreman without Internet connection
pretty much all my foreman / katello installs are done from local mirrors in self contained development environments,...


06:44 AM Foreman Bug #23630 (New): foreman build button does not appear in web interface
in Foreman 1.17 again Centos 7.5 I have come across what appears to be an interface bug. I'm not sure "VM Management"...


05:12 AM Foreman Bug #19634: DHCP lease removal leads to error
While not the same situation, I'm having a similar issue with 1.15
I assign a host with a manual host creation, I ...


05:57 AM Foreman Bug #19547: 'kickstart_ifcfg_generic_interface' threw an error: undefined method '#gateway' for NilClass::Jail (NilClass)
I didn't realise 17895 was not in 1.15 - so that would make sense to fix it that way, and I appreciate leaving this o...


12:20 PM Website Bug #19549 (Closed): foreman website footer overlays blog comments
while browsing some of the foreman blogs posts and the comments that are attached to them the foreman website footer ...
12:10 PM Foreman Bug #19547 (Duplicate): 'kickstart_ifcfg_generic_interface' threw an error: undefined method '#gateway' for NilClass::Jail (NilClass)
with a clean Foreman 1.15 install and database with puppet 4, defining an IPV4 subnet and using the kickstart_default...


11:23 AM Katello Feature #18128: Support external mongodb for pulp
I'e hit this problem as I want to try to build katello for a distributed cloud - and hosting mongo on the same single...


04:13 AM Installer Support #15565 (Closed): foreman installer fails to create and configure smart proxy
user error - not a bug.
It was the remote execution via ssh proxy.

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