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Hammer CLI Developer 02/27/2014



03:22 PM Hammer CLI Bug #4935 (Closed): Hammer - importing smart proxy classes fails when there are no updates in csv mode
When running ... Stephan Dollberg


04:31 PM Hammer CLI Revision 692c4622 (hammer-cli-foreman): fixes 3970 - adds support for os default templates
Stephan Dollberg


04:22 PM Hammer CLI Bug #4587 (Closed): Hammer - can't set root password of host with hammer
Applied in changeset foreman:hammer-cli-foreman|commit:fb78f657eee3e272189780b5cc3757b6f77d73e5. Stephan Dollberg
03:22 PM Hammer CLI Revision fb78f657 (hammer-cli-foreman): fixes #4587 - adds host option to pass root password
--ask-root-password=true will prompt for password
Stephan Dollberg
11:52 AM Hammer CLI Revision af929a4c (hammer-cli-foreman): fixes #4589 - adds conditional output field to show network interfaces
Stephan Dollberg


10:33 AM Hammer CLI Bug #4587: Hammer - can't set root password of host with hammer
I created a PR Stephan Dollberg


11:22 AM Hammer CLI Bug #4130 (Closed): Puppet class import command fails silently
Applied in changeset foreman:hammer-cli-foreman|commit:5f7746a12dc4f8fb3a8c10159109e4bf52ec7192. Stephan Dollberg
10:20 AM Hammer CLI Revision 5f7746a1 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #4130 - default value for proxy import_puppetclasses --dryrun
dryrun option needs to be false and not nil Stephan Dollberg
10:16 AM Hammer CLI Revision d698ac18 (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #4558 - DNS proxy id field in subnet list
Added field for DNS proxy id Stephan Dollberg
10:10 AM Hammer CLI Revision 0471d42b (hammer-cli-foreman): Fixes #4585 - assigning puppet classes to hostgroups
Stephan Dollberg

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