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09:10 AM Foreman Feature #17675 (New): The "power off VM and delete" action that occurs during a host.destroy, should be a config setting that can be turned on or off
When deleting a host from Foreman, if foreman has the compute_resource_id and uuid of the related VM, the host.destro...


09:02 AM Foreman Remote Execution Feature #17091 (New): New Remote Execution Provider, where search field becomes parameters in script instead
One of the needs I've came across needs a different kind of SSH provider; One where I can statically set WHERE it SS...


10:27 AM Foreman Bug #9512 (New): Deploying a new host using an existing VMware template that has no interfaces assigned to it results in nilClass error
When deploying a new host in Foreman, if I select to use an existing VMware template image as the base of the host, a...


04:38 PM Foreman Bug #7003: Unable to connect to AD through ldap login module
Git log of file app/models/auth_sources/auth_source_ldap.rb shows commit 6421fa1ca91743085dd5460a82db37388d520638 cha...


07:54 PM Foreman Bug #6259 (Duplicate): Administrator user privileges cannot be demoted
Once a user has the Role tab Administrator box checked, the roles tab no longer appears. The user account cannot be ...


03:48 PM Smart Proxy Bug #5738 (Rejected): Foreman-proxy log sudo warnings not formatted properly
foreman-proxi/proxy.log Warning when an mcollective puppet run fails is outputted with improper formatting:
W, [...


06:14 PM Foreman Bug #5725 (Closed): Puppet Classes counters not updating # of hosts being used on
Counters are all at Zero, when puppet class is part of a Config Group -> Config group used in Host Group -> Host is a...
06:07 PM Foreman Bug #5723 (Closed): Puppet classes not showing Host Group Membership when used through Config Groups
Class doesn't show it's in a host group, if the class is part of a Config Group and that Config Group is used in a Ho...


04:02 PM Foreman Bug #5680 (Closed): Spaces in Config Groups name causes "Hosts" and "Host Groups" count summariess on 'Config groups' page to be zero
If there is a space in a config group name, the counts of hosts and host groups is zero


08:52 PM Smart Proxy Wiki edit: Settingsyml (#27)

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