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01:50 PM Hammer CLI Bug #5223: It's not possible to remove organization
Currently I got other error (version foreman- But it's not d... Pavel Studenik


10:50 AM Hammer CLI Bug #5223 (Rejected): It's not possible to remove organization
I always get this error:... Pavel Studenik


02:46 PM Katello Bug #5061 (Closed): delete-manifest doesn't work correct
I try to remove manifest by hammer, but it doesn't work. ... Pavel Studenik
02:23 PM Hammer CLI Bug #5060 (Closed): Error during press key "List next page? (Y/n)"
... Pavel Studenik
02:19 PM Hammer CLI Bug #5059 (Resolved): Empty result when param order is incorrectly specified
... Pavel Studenik
02:06 PM Katello Bug #5058 (Rejected): Can't remove repository during synchronizing
I created product and added external repository. During synchronizing I removed this repository.
# hammer reposito...
Pavel Studenik


01:41 PM Katello Bug #4746 (Closed): It's not possible to remove user
I created new user and then I tried to remove it. But I can't and I got SQL error.
Pavel Studenik
12:46 PM Katello Bug #4745 (Closed): ERF51-5531: unknown permission for katello/api/v2/organizations#repo_discover (Foreman::Exception)
When I tried discovery repo (Content -> Products -> Yum Repo Discovery), I got fol...
Pavel Studenik

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