Bill Peck




07:01 PM Foreman Feature #434 (Closed): generic snippet support, not just partitioning
allow for kickstarts to include other snippets besides just partitioning.
07:00 PM Foreman Feature #433 (Closed): allow for per_system overrides
Allow for per_system overrides in kickstarts and snippets.
06:57 PM Foreman Feature #432 (Resolved): windows provisioning support
ability to provision windows systems, both virt and real hardware.
06:54 PM Foreman Tracker #431 (Resolved): [TRACKER] UEFI PXE support
UEFI support to allow newer bios'es that don't support pxe to netboot as well.
This will be done via Grub2/Grub PX...
06:53 PM Foreman Feature #430 (Rejected): elilo support
update foreman to support elilo netboot for ia64 installs
06:53 PM Foreman Feature #429 (New): yaboot support
Update foreman to support yaboot for ppc/ppc64 architectures
06:52 PM Foreman Feature #428 (Closed): Ability to provision images
Would like to be able to provision systems without doing installs, using pre-installed images either via pxeboot or v...
06:50 PM Foreman Feature #427 (Closed): Ability to provision xen/kvm guests
Requesting the ability to provision xen/kvm guests using the foreman infrastructure. Kickstarting and distros (os an...
06:46 PM Foreman Feature #426 (Closed): Ability to power cycle hosts
Requesting the ability to control hosts power.
allow for arbitrary power types (wti, apc_snmp, iLO, drac...

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