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01:01 PM Foreman Feature #32328 (Closed): Distinguish between "regular" hosts and hosts on which Foreman and/or smart proxy runs - models and fact processing
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|7f01e1b3a3ae6c0c5667928479e5fc5bedbaed5a.
12:42 PM Packaging Revision eef014ea (foreman-packaging): Drop rubygem-foreman_probing_core
12:42 PM Packaging Revision f3933448 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-smart-proxy-probing to 0.0.4
12:42 PM Packaging Revision 49f0d8c6 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_probing to 0.0.4
12:20 PM Foreman Revision 7f01e1b3 (foreman): Fixes #32328 - Infrastructure roles
Introduces things needed to assign infrastructure roles to hosts.
A host can now have an infrastructure facet, which...
10:42 AM Foreman Remote Execution Bug #33759 (Ready For Testing): Deliver cancellation notifications to clients over mqtt


03:27 PM Foreman Bug #33747 (New): Concurrent fact uploads for a non-existing host may lead to duplicate host records being created
When uploading facts for a non-existent host, we seem to create a new host, but save it after importing its facts. Th...


02:01 PM Foreman Bug #33723 (Closed): Make dynflow-sidekiq@* services part of foreman.service
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|8423e7e0d709c00cc937760eca5d455edfe9340e.
01:45 PM Foreman Revision 8423e7e0 (foreman): Fixes #33723 - Make dynflow-sidekiq services PartOf foreman.service
By doing so systemd stops all dynflow-sidekiq services before stopping
foreman itself and then starts everything in r...
09:42 AM Installer Bug #33725 (New): Duplicate dynflow-sidekiq service restarts
RM #33723 makes dynflow-sidekiq services be restarted whenever foreman service is restarted. Since we handle dynflow-...

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