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07:09 AM Foreman Bug #25668 (Duplicate): HTML Not Properly Rendered
HTML is not correctly being rendered in at least one view:
Paul Calabro


04:33 PM Ansible Feature #25454: Add ability to disable facts gathering
Ondřej Pražák wrote:
> *Description of problem:*
> Currently, there is no facility to disable 'facts gathering', wh...
Paul Calabro


01:49 AM Installer Bug #19713: Upgrade of Foreman cannot handle renamed smart-proxies
Just came around this error. The suggested fix by the user resolved the issue.
EDIT: Sorry the version automatical...
Paul Calabro


01:32 AM Ansible Bug #25274 (Resolved): Working dir in ansible.yml is not used
This is also customizable in installer
It appears that settings in _/etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/ansible.yml_ are...
Paul Calabro


12:02 PM Xen Bug #6111 (Closed): Listing computer resources via hammer generates and error re: rabl template
Applied in changeset commit:foreman-xen|ea6fe4152144de52c9d7d2235ba292cd156a300e. Paul Calabro


03:22 PM Xen Feature #6785: 64 Bit Support
This can be closed. I tested on a fresh install and this worked fine. Paul Calabro


04:45 AM Xen Feature #6785: 64 Bit Support
Sure, spinning up a test VM right now. Paul Calabro


09:45 PM Foreman Bug #7331: Unassigned OS Template Defaults Generate an Exception Upon Deletion Preventing You from Deleting Them
The steps to reproduce can be found in the video above.
Table dump is attached.
Please let me know if you need an...
Paul Calabro


05:18 PM Xen Bug #6789: Most compute resource settings do not save upon submit
This can be closed. This seems to be resolved either through the latest updates (I'm on the latest of everything) or... Paul Calabro


04:39 AM Xen Bug #6111: Listing computer resources via hammer generates and error re: rabl template
Okay, I've submitted the following PR for this: Paul Calabro

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