Justin Sherrill





06:20 PM Katello Bug #29458 (Duplicate): Syncing of repos got stuck in foreman (katello nightly version )


08:10 PM Packaging Revision f7566671 (foreman-packaging): Update katello angular dep
05:48 PM Packaging Revision 8847f992 (foreman-packaging): Update nodejs-angular to 1.7.9
05:04 PM Katello Bug #29454 (New): container tags don't show all lifecycle envs/cvs on details page
With pulp3 enabled for docker:
1) sync a docker repo (library/bash)
2) publish it in a content view
3) go to th...


08:51 PM Katello Bug #29451 (Ready For Testing): Docker content view publishing creates DockerMetaTags incorrectly
1. Sync a docker repo with pulp3 enabled for docker
2. add it to a content view and publish
Also, if ...
03:04 PM Katello Bug #29448 (New): Skip puppet env import on cv publish/promote if smart proxy feature is not present
to better enable puppet-less foreman


08:59 PM Katello Feature #29442 (New): SSL Authentication Guard across all types
For pulp3, if the repository is a redhat yum repo or has 'protected' selected (or really unprotected de-selected) sho...
08:01 PM Katello Bug #29389 (Closed): Migration fails on 20200129172534_add_epoch_version_release_arch_to_katello_installed_packages.rb
Applied in changeset commit:katello|189008ec3208d8967abbca4bb76592f08b9c6d57.
07:10 PM Katello Revision 189008ec (katello): Fixes #29389 - allow nevra parsing to handle empty arch
as gpg-pubkey installed certs can have a nil arch
04:31 PM Katello Revision 364d11c9 (katello): Refs #29411 - fix more assert nils
This fixes further causes of the assert nil behavior due to
minitest 6's dropping of assert_equal nil, nil

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