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06:49 PM Katello Bug #23044 (Rejected): when I sync "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server Kickstart x86_64 7.4", inst...
This is behaving as expected. We no longer create installation media as they don't work across orgs, nor do they wor...
06:44 PM Katello Bug #22961 (Duplicate): re-vamp upgrade proccess to not require installer updates
06:44 PM Katello Refactor #21938 (Duplicate): Single upgrade rake task
04:01 PM Katello Bug #23788 (Closed): update product name and repo names when content is updated
Applied in changeset commit:katello|cc60ee97c2b67a78083937117cacb10b60e800eb.
03:13 PM Katello Revision cc60ee97 (katello): Fixes #23788 - update product and content names
this adds updating of product and content names if they
change as part of content import


04:01 PM Katello Bug #23904 (Closed): Katello Content is shared across organizations
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6d2cf88b114d8ba7ef98fa31cd00e2f8f4ce0672.
03:47 PM Katello Revision 6d2cf88b (katello): Fixes #23904 - store unique content per org
03:33 PM Katello Wiki edit: PulpV3GapAnalysis (#17)


08:46 PM Katello Feature #23929 (New): Specify custom cron syntax for sync plans
As a user i should be able to specify cron sytnax for sync plans.
Acceptance Criteria:
UI/api should allow the ...
08:45 PM Katello Bug #23928 (New): Migrate sync plans to recurring logics

Acceptance Criteria:
1) Some migration should occur to create the new recurring logics
2) CRUD of sync plans sh...

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