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04:21 PM Katello Refactor #28250 (New): refactor pulp3 repository service classes
repository.rb is getting big and crufty, we should refactor it to:
make it easier to use the api without specifyin...
04:19 PM Katello Bug #28249 (New): update to typed repositories with new bindings
pulp3 now has typed repositories, we should update to it


06:46 PM Katello Bug #28163 (Duplicate): Can't synchronize smart proxy with parent host
Hello, this appears to be a duplicate of which is scheduled for release ...
06:36 PM Katello Feature #28160 (New): add possibiliy to have the description field, when publishing a new CV oder CCV to be mandatory


05:12 PM Katello Bug #28206 (Ready For Testing): pulp3 sync statuses lines are not consistently ordered
When syncing a repo with pulp3, the progress report shows something like this:
Total tasks: : 40559/50674
04:47 PM Katello Bug #28205 (New): subscriptions page does not track manifest action progress
1. go to the subscriptions page
2. import a manifest
3. progress bar never completes
This is also a problem with...


10:01 PM Katello Bug #28165 (Closed): master test failure: Actions::Pulp3::CopyAllUnitsTest.test_exclusion_docker_filters VCR failure
Applied in changeset commit:katello|6d0d91511f288ad7b1a922af645e0a3a3b7a2673.
09:32 PM Katello Feature #28195 (New): as a user, i can publish a yum repository with no filters with pulp3
This should mostly work, but testing needs to be done
09:30 PM Katello Feature #28194 (New): As a user I can remove rpms from a pulp3 yum repository
As a user I can remove rpms from a pulp3 yum repository
09:21 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #28193 (New): update foreman-maintain services to handle pulp3

the main pulp services (pulpcore-api, pulpcore-content, pulpcore-resource-manager, pulpcore-worker@) need to be a...

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