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01:01 AM Katello Bug #26395 (Closed): Actions::Katello::Repository::Clear doesn't track actions
Applied in changeset commit:katello|67c0117aaa76bf2e19de5911fc6bd440e79df727.
12:03 AM Katello Revision 67c0117a (katello): Fixes #26395 - track repostiory clear tasks


07:48 PM Katello Bug #26446 (Ready For Testing): Could not perform package actions install/remove on rhel 8 clients
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
Trying to remove/ins...
03:36 PM Katello Bug #26443 (New): changing gpg key on a repository has no effect
Removing a gpg key from a repository, doesnt' seem to be updating the 'content' object in candlepin:
1. create a ...
02:14 PM Katello Wiki edit: Pulp_3_Integration (#9)


07:32 PM Katello Revision 40025e8c (katello): Refs #25714 - Only fetch subset of repos during SP sync
05:04 PM Katello Bug #26412 (Ready For Testing): manifest upload duplicate key value violates unique constraint
*Description of problem:*
Manifest upload duplicates key value violates unique constraint.
Case can be seen in re...
03:28 PM Katello Bug #26411 (New): inline bastion as an engine
01:40 PM Katello Bug #26407 (Ready For Testing): Docker tag content view filters are ignored
1. Create and sync a docker repo with more than one tag such as: busybox
2. Cre...


08:01 PM Katello Bug #26351 (Closed): allow for duplicate virt-who hypervisor names when uploading with hypervisor_id=uuid
Applied in changeset commit:katello|b92de0e6bda9c7587087a53c6ec5dc08d3d6863d.

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