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05:51 PM Katello Bug #24272 (Closed): Error after upgrade on subscription page
05:20 PM Katello Revision 5cd628f2 (katello-installer): Fixes #24272 - reimport subscriptions when upgrading to 3.7


01:01 AM Katello Bug #24254 (Closed): eslint error on master
Applied in changeset commit:katello|f2ff28bd3b8b2966776ef8333bf5e0fd17430645.
12:32 AM Katello Revision f2ff28bd (katello): Fixes #24254 - fix eslint error


05:38 PM Katello Bug #24254 (Closed): eslint error on master
Running "htmlhint:src" (htmlhint) task
Linting app/assets/javascripts/bastion_katello/products/details/repositorie...
01:42 AM Runcible Bug #15915 (Rejected): Upgrade Runcible to Pulp version 2.9


06:28 PM Katello Feature #22947 (Closed): Update Katello nightly to use Pulp 2.16 Beta
06:28 PM Katello Bug #23682 (Rejected): Suggested autocomplete repositories don't return any repos on RH repos page
Andrew tested this and it seems to be resolved.
06:26 PM Katello Refactor #22566 (Closed): k-backup should not accept exit 2 from tar when backing up configs
06:24 PM Katello Bug #24079 (Closed): Katello package install via katello-agent fails
This was resolved with a newer gofer version

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