Alex Wood




10:57 AM Hammer CLI Bug #11853 (Closed): Overriding :flag options does not work
Overriding options that are declared as :flag does not seem to work. For example:
option(["-i", "--insecure"], :f...


03:06 PM Katello Bug #11285: Katello 2.3 Repo Sync issue
I will wager that qpid-cpp-server-store/linearstore missing on Duncan's machine is the problem. According to a fello...
12:41 PM Katello Bug #11285: Katello 2.3 Repo Sync issue
I've looked at this a bit with Duncan and I'm not sure why the event exchange is not being created. The installer lo...


04:39 PM Katello Bug #8512: don't put certificate metadata in PEM files
Affected certs can be found by searching for words like "Signature" or "Validity"...


10:12 AM Katello Bug #8370: Race condition for Candlepin during installation
I believe the actual issue surfaces here:...


08:28 PM Installer Revision d05b8ed4 (puppet-certs): Refs #6418 - Fix keytool use for Java 6 compatibility.
The :file and :env modifiers for storepass, keypass, etc. were not added
until Java 7.


07:59 PM Installer Revision 0019f014 (puppet-certs): Refs #6418 - Minor fixes to Candlepin Qpid configuration.
- Add mode, owner, and group to AMQP cert directory.
- Properly reference default_ca_name variable
- Shorten exec typ...


07:44 PM Installer Revision be57c785 (puppet-qpid): Refs #6418 - Log Qpid errors to syslog.
Prior to this the errors were not being logged.
07:44 PM Installer Revision 42cfd355 (puppet-katello): Refs #6418 - Break dependency cycle between Candlepin and Qpid.
07:43 PM Installer Revision e51372f0 (puppet-certs): Refs #6418 - Set up certificates for Candlepin/Qpid integration.

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