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12:25 PM Foreman Revision 7ba81c91: Refs #26423 - pin fog-vsphere to <3.0 (#6601)
10:02 AM Foreman Bug #26405 (Closed): Puppetclass index implicitly searches locations and organizations
Applied in changeset commit:5f50c1a18da81f68d04cae6e0534434ab3ea0bf1.
09:54 AM Foreman Bug #26426 (New): taxonomies that have "all $resource" selected aren't displayed on the resource taxonomy selection as selected
the multiple select should show those taxonomies as selected and can't be unselected.
09:53 AM Foreman Revision 5f50c1a1: Fixes #26405 - Disable implicit puppetclass taxonomy search (#6591)
Otherwise, every search not specifing the field causes a double left
join of the taxable_taxonomies table.
09:37 AM Foreman Refactor #26425 (New): my_locations and my_organizations should be simplified
right now, User#my_locations goes to a scope Location.my_locations, which goes back to the User#locations_and_subtree...


08:37 AM Foreman Bug #26403: [Debian Stretch] foreman-rake db:migrate -> Duplicate column name 'label'
Please try running
foreman-rake db:drop
foreman-rake db:create
foreman-rake db:migrate
foreman-rake db:seed


04:02 PM Foreman Bug #26344 (Closed): db:seed after fails when upgrading to 1.21
Applied in changeset commit:f94c7962d4000cb7dee19e8b77bb3feb83b271a5.
03:26 PM Foreman Revision f94c7962: Fixes #26344 - Skip nested associations during taxonomy seed (#6587)
Nested associations can't be assigned using `${association}=`.
This causes seed to fail if there are any puppetclasse...
01:34 PM Foreman Bug #26405 (Closed): Puppetclass index implicitly searches locations and organizations
this can cause searches to be very slow, as the taxable_taxonomies table is joined twice


02:02 PM Foreman Bug #26260 (Closed): db:seed on Foreman 1.21 takes too long if you have a lot of hosts
Applied in changeset commit:d1e191e10fba5b97856bde29cf10721464eddf1d.

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