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05:01 PM Foreman Feature #27995 (Closed): Extend reported data facet for entitlement report
Applied in changeset commit:be01fb8f64dbf714408700de76ba32cc45e82155.
04:57 PM Foreman Revision be01fb8f: Fixes #27995 - Extend reported data facet (#7081)
02:20 PM Foreman Bug #28063 (Ready For Testing): Prop type failures on audits page
There are several prop type failures on audits page that point to a possible problem.
01:33 PM Foreman Bug #28062 (Ready For Testing): Admin is unable to create audit bookmarks in UI
It is not possible to create bookmarks even though users have appropriate permissions, because the link to the modal ...
10:51 AM Templates Refactor #28061 (Ready For Testing): Update npm dependencies
We should update foreman/vendor to have up-to-date dependencies.
08:01 AM Templates Revision a6ed03f3 (foreman_templates): Release: 7.0.0
07:59 AM Templates Revision 0fbcb41d (foreman_templates): i18n - pulling from tx


09:05 AM Templates Feature #28053 (Closed): Add locales dir
We need to add locales dir with translations.


01:07 PM Templates Bug #28033 (New): Do not display links for users without permission
Sync results page shows template names as links to templates. We should make sure not to display links if user does n...


12:50 PM Ansible Feature #27787 (Duplicate): Ansible Variables within host page

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