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10:41 AM OpenSCAP Bug #24610 (Ready For Testing): host_ids param not allowed for API controller
host_ids param gets filtered out and hosts cannot be assigned to policy via API.
10:26 AM OpenSCAP Bug #24609 (Ready For Testing): Unassigning policy from host does not delete Asset
Steps to reproduce:
1) check the current state in console with ForemanOpenscap::Asset.all and ForemanOpenscap::Ass...
07:21 AM OpenSCAP Bug #24608 (New): Policy dashboard shows misleading information
In some cases, the host counts on the policy dashboard do not add up.
Steps to reproduce:
1) assign policy to 2...
07:07 AM OpenSCAP Refactor #24607 (Ready For Testing): Remove 'notice' from controllers
'notice' in controllers was deprecated and removed in 1.20
06:59 AM OpenSCAP Bug #24606 (New): Resource switcher on Compliance host page is broken
Steps to reproduce:
1) Go to Host -> show
2) click compliance button in the 'Details' table
3) try to use the re...


02:06 PM Website Revision 3de92548 (theforemanorg): Update for 1.17.3
01:36 PM Foreman Bug #24595 (New): Empty puppet facts are discarded on upload
*Steps to Reproduce:*
1. Create a custom fact with a value:
Facter.add(:custom_fact) do
setcode do


10:09 AM OpenSCAP Bug #24563 (Ready For Testing): Several scoped searches do not work as expected
Some of the scoped searches seem broken, namely last_for = host and searching by compliance status.


02:01 PM Ansible Bug #24525 (Closed): Importing roles via UI broken
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|68b828e1779a8847c4e80d9dce3c32146c919581.
01:17 PM Ansible Revision 68b828e1 (foreman_ansible): Fixes #24525 - Replace notice with info in UI controller

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