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01:01 PM OpenSCAP Feature #30590 (Closed): Add scap content bulk/default uplad command to hammer_cli_foreman_openscap
Applied in changeset commit:hammer_cli_foreman_openscap|0c6c038e70e73722e243853c0696ebc19fa43f08.
01:01 PM OpenSCAP Feature #25387 (Closed): Move scap content upload from rake task
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|a2e110346af930d56fc433bba7631c34902e909c.
12:53 PM OpenSCAP Revision a2e11034 (foreman_openscap): Fixes #25387 - Add default content upload to API
12:34 PM OpenSCAP Revision 8fc5e9c2 (foreman_openscap): Refs #30358 - Delete assets only for selected policy


12:06 PM Foreman Bug #30774 (Ready For Testing): Missing 'Cancel' button on new hw models page
When creating new hw model in UI, there is only 'Submit' button and 'Cancel' is missing.


10:53 AM OpenSCAP Bug #28213 (Closed): Default Rhel8 scap content does not get populated on the Satellite
Downstream issue was closed, closing this as well.
10:50 AM OpenSCAP Bug #30743 (New): Order of steps when assigning policy directly to host should not matter
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
If a host is not par...
08:12 AM OpenSCAP Revision 0c6c038e (hammer_cli_foreman_openscap): Fixes #30590 - Add bulk upload for scap contents


07:04 AM Katello Feature #30703 (Ready For Testing): Add Content View Version to Reporting Engine Template
*Description of problem:*
Its currently not possible to pull out the Content View Version that a client system is ...


12:27 PM Packaging Revision bbed3958 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_openscap to 4.0.2

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