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04:10 PM Katello Feature #28865 (Ready For Testing): Add consumed into jail for pool
Entitlements report should contained number of consumed subscriptions. We need to add 'consumed' into Jail so that we...
02:20 PM OpenSCAP Bug #28801: foreman-rake foreman_openscap:bulk_upload:default gives PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation "foreman_openscap_scap_contents" does not exist
Strange, looks like the tables are not migrated. Does 'foreman-rake db:migrate' help?


12:16 PM Templates Revision 756f35e7 (foreman_templates): Fixes # 28492 - Use formik instead of redux-forms


03:31 PM Foreman Bug #28810 (New): It is possible to create taxonomies named 'Any Organization' and 'Any Location'
This is more of a usability issue than a bug, but when we create org named 'Any Organization' it is not clear whether...
01:15 PM Foreman Bug #28629: Importing templates with 'associate: never' does not import provisioning templates
The bug manifests in foreman_templates on template import, but the cause is that we skip associating template kind wh...
08:24 AM foreman-tasks Feature #28803 (Closed): Use local gemfile in hammer-cli-foreman-tasks
We should be able to specify gems in Gemfile.local(.rb)? in the same way as other hammer plugins.


09:56 AM Hammer CLI Bug #9684 (Closed): help output for commands with long descriptions don't wrap nicely
content-report command is no longer available and I did not find other commands where the description wraps so I will...
07:51 AM Foreman Bug #28771 (New): Missing taxonomy scoped routes for report templates
*Description of problem:*
There are no taxonomy scoped routes for report templates in API. As a result, listing repo...


12:17 PM Hammer CLI Feature #20044 (Closed): hammer- allow user to specify column widths for table output
The BZ was closed, closing this as well.
12:02 PM Hammer CLI Tracker #20605 (Closed): Backward compatibility support
All issues in this tracker are closed, therefore closing as well.

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