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09:01 PM Ansible Feature #33883 (Closed): Handle permissions for creating and deleting Ansible config jobs
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|7b41bdcc8494e3146c8c7f767e4a6fbc7d4d564d.
08:57 PM Ansible Revision 7b41bdcc (foreman_ansible): Fixes #33883 - Handle permissions for Ansible config jobs
09:15 AM Packaging Revision d6215a4c (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_openscap to 5.2.0
08:21 AM OpenSCAP Revision ee475652 (foreman_openscap): Update foreman_openscap to 5.2.0


03:01 PM Ansible Bug #33982 (Closed): Show variable overrides after roles were added to host
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_ansible|38a9a28fde37ec045191e6b77982500ea9072c87.
02:26 PM OpenSCAP Refactor #16364 (Closed): Remove exec from puppet-foreman_scap_client
02:24 PM OpenSCAP Bug #15123 (Closed): Internal Server Error when running JRE report
This is no longer an issue in the latest releases. Feel free to reopen if I am mistaken.
02:22 PM OpenSCAP Bug #14996 (Duplicate): Missing error message for scap content create
02:19 PM OpenSCAP Refactor #13223 (Closed): Remove Notices under Policy
02:18 PM OpenSCAP Bug #12940 (Closed): New Host pages does not accept the Oscap_Proxy host
This no longer seems to be an issue, closing. Feel free to reopen if I am mistaken.

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