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01:01 PM OpenSCAP Feature #25152 (Closed): Add endpoint to report spool errors
Applied in changeset commit:smart_proxy_openscap|920a608bfd6e938fbe8eb964ab3ecc40893fa95e.
12:01 PM OpenSCAP Bug #22587 (Closed): Unable to create bookmark under compliance reports in Foreman
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|548deaa89bd635e732385a4231a4b8c623eeb223.
12:01 PM OpenSCAP Feature #19363 (Closed): Feature to know / filter the OpenSCAP result for a specific rule in many servers.
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|7a659b6e740cde9f748c4e46bb33f22a9118e99b.
11:57 AM OpenSCAP Revision 548deaa8 (foreman_openscap): Fixes #22587 - Fix creating search bookmarks
11:42 AM OpenSCAP Revision 7a659b6e (foreman_openscap): Fixes #19363 - Filter hosts and reports by rule results
08:08 AM OpenSCAP Revision 920a608b (smart_proxy_openscap): Fixes #25152 - Add endpoint for corrupted reports


04:01 PM OpenSCAP Bug #21127 (Closed): Scap content file is printed into logs
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|725bf1a7fb66fca9f5329fae6ca6ccbd2750a30d.
04:01 PM OpenSCAP Bug #24883 (Closed): Failed to unset host/host group's openscap_proxy_id with "undefined method `destroy' for nil:NilClass" error
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|5832b7ed2bb8337b765035e694551f1fe9722078.
04:01 PM OpenSCAP Bug #24246 (Closed): Hiding parameters for foreman_scap_client puppet class does not work
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|89ebb0ff907f06cc5363eef00be6b7b3652dca6d.
04:01 PM OpenSCAP Refactor #24607 (Closed): Remove 'notice' from controllers
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_openscap|59cffc9e3e2bec6db314fbcc2081c8a46e3b8f9c.

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