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10:49 AM Foreman Tracker #25678 (Needs design): Support shared storage between foreman and proxies
10:48 AM Foreman Tracker #25678 (Needs design): Support shared storage between foreman and proxies
*Description of problem:*
Adding as a tracker, this will undoubtebly impact several components. Additional use cas...
10:24 AM Foreman Bug #25677 (New): Updating proxy location returns misleading error messages
*Description of problem:*
The API call to replace the location_ids of the smart_proxy returns a misleading error m...


10:19 AM Foreman Feature #2308 (Closed): Expose interface to "Copy Host CPU configuration"
09:21 AM OpenSCAP Feature #25671 (Needs design): Allow openscap plugin to be uninstalled
This will require a design of how exactly the plugins should be uninstalled and likely additional support from core. ...
07:43 AM Foreman Bug #25669 (New): Typos in user inputs description
*Description of problem:*
A page with user inputs of a template (both Provisioning Template and Report Template) con...


03:07 PM Foreman Refactor #25664 (Ready For Testing): Update patternfly and patternfly-react so we can use LoadingState component
Newer versions of patternfly and patternfly-react are needed so we can use LoadingState react component.
06:51 AM Foreman Feature #23877: Override provisioning templates for host/hostgroup
The whole paragraph says:
"Proposal is to define the provisioning template in the host/hostgroup provisioning tab....


11:01 AM OpenSCAP Feature #25617 (Needs design): Higher order openscap configuration of a host
There are several things needed to configure a host with openscap:
* foreman_scap_client Puppet class + parameters...


04:01 PM Katello Refactor #25405 (Closed): Use pagination component from core
Applied in changeset commit:katello|76ed272103a5a3dad0ebb11660e3c96c180ae262.

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