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12:01 PM Foreman Maintain Feature #22687 (Closed): Add a task that cleans up compliance reports
Applied in changeset commit:foreman_maintain|4624c41eadf0d2b8dfe7ecc3780f0b50cfff2986.
11:20 AM Foreman Maintain Revision 4624c41e (foreman_maintain): Fixes #22687 - Add openscap report check and procedure
09:22 AM Templates Feature #12771: [Remote Execution] Manage Job Templates with Version Control
I think we can already do this with foreman_templates, JobTemplates can now be imported/exported in the same way as o...


09:27 AM Templates Bug #24013 (Closed): The taxonomies are not overriding explicitly while importing
*Description of problem:*
The taxonomies in template metadata are not getting overridden explicitly while importing ...


11:03 AM Ansible Bug #24000 (New): Oops, we are sorry something went wrong when ansible not installed
When I try to import roles from foreman host but ansible is not installed, I get the generic error with the exception...
08:47 AM Templates Bug #23999 (Closed): Exporting templates does not work properly when organization_id specified
*Description of problem:*
Importing works for organization_id into a target organization but export dumps all templa...
08:37 AM Foreman Feature #23997 (New): Easily choose which taxonomies the resources from plugins belong to
Under 'Manage Organizations/Locations' we can choose what resources (Subnets, Media, Doamin, Realms...) belong to whi...
07:50 AM Foreman Bug #23994 (Ready For Testing): It is possible to update template in organizations user does not ...
Steps to reproduce:
1) Create non-admin user_a with Manager role in OrgA and LocA only, same for user_b, OrgB and ...


01:00 PM OpenSCAP Revision 8fd58926 (foreman_openscap): Fixes #22491 - Fix searching for arf reports


10:42 AM Packaging Bug #23876: Foreman 1.7 install issue Redhat 7.5 Amazon EC2
Hi, could you check what repositories you have configured? You seem to have used instructions for 1.16, but the error...

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