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01:25 PM Foreman Feature #26651 (Ready For Testing): Support component re-mounting on partials from AJAX
We use mount_react_component helper that inserts script, which takes care of mounting React components. The problem i...
10:34 AM Ansible Bug #26645 (Ready For Testing): Ansible roles switcher not mounted after form partial re-render
Steps to reproduce:
1) Hosts -> Create Hosts -> Ansible Roles tab, the switcher is present
2) Go to 'Host' tab, c...


09:02 AM Packaging Revision 282ac5f6 (foreman-packaging): Remove foreman_docker as a katello dependency
07:03 AM Ansible Bug #25506 (Closed): Top level ansible variables don't contain host attributes and roles
Setting to closed since foreman_ansible 2.3.0 has been already released.
06:57 AM Ansible Bug #18562 (Closed): tool tip is located in the wrong place in the new host form
Resolved by #25309.


01:33 PM OpenSCAP Bug #26619 (Closed): Broken Link in documentation
Should be fixed by, thanks!
01:08 PM Website Revision fdaf7b47 (theforemanorg): Fix broken link to scap-security-guide
08:49 AM Ansible Feature #26622 (New): Use ansible variables as template inputs
As a user, I want to specify ansible variables as template inputs. This is useful especially for job templates, other...


01:18 PM Packaging Revision 67fa5fdc (foreman-packaging): Fix sed command for nightly macro (#3632)
Fix sed command for nightly macro
08:01 AM Foreman Bug #26606 (Closed): Support gridster for plugins
Applied in changeset commit:d86f555e01c30c3389d50f2f386e3b86c2f1c4fe.

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