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02:35 PM Ansible Bug #30318 (New): Fix capitalization on welcome page
Cloned from
*Description of problem:*
Welcome page for ans...
12:08 PM Foreman Bug #30317 (Ready For Testing): Locked provisioning template should not be allowed to add audit comment
Cloned from
The bug is completely identical to:


11:01 PM Foreman Bug #30152 (Closed): Allow setting full name to be changed
Applied in changeset commit:07dbbfe0d2a8e4118c32e3763b67745e39548176.
10:26 PM Foreman Revision 07dbbfe0: Fixes #30152 - Unfreeze full_name for settings
10:22 AM Ansible Feature #30249 (Ready For Testing): Import roles from ansible collections
It would be nice if we could import roles from ansible collections as well


11:44 AM Foreman Refactor #30236 (New): Move new hw model page to react
Since index page for hw models has been moved to react implementation, we could now refactor the new page to use new ...
08:01 AM Foreman Refactor #26772 (Closed): Use PageLayout component on HW models page
Applied in changeset commit:cc537ee5253afae71e8d6bc84fadef59ab18062f.
07:46 AM Foreman Revision 4049b0ed: Refs #26772 - Use toasts from context
07:46 AM Foreman Revision cc537ee5: Fixes #26772 - Use react-router on hw models page


05:46 AM OpenSCAP Refactor #30163 (New): Remove Puppet deployment option
As puppet is being removed from the core, we need to remove the Puppet deployment option.

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