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03:01 PM Foreman Bug #34942 (Closed): Ubuntu 20.04.3 new installation media path
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|35fc203805478a376b67fdde3a150f2ec9ce0e81.
02:24 PM Foreman Revision 35fc2038 (foreman): Fixes #34942 - Adapt installation media search path for Ubuntu 20.04.3+


01:01 PM Foreman Bug #34700 (Closed): Ubuntu Autoinstall template doesn't create root user
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|91e4994154e9c9a0184034f739a67d69f7dfff34.
12:04 PM Foreman Revision 91e49941 (foreman): Fixes #34700 - autoinstall template enable root user
The `identity` field doesn't allow to add/edit root as a user.
Therefore, the user-data field must be used. Compare t...


10:00 AM Foreman Bug #34908 (Closed): Ubuntu Autoinstall hostname is not set correctly before finish template execution
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|1f145b5f696951a75911bd980a051a68a84a5706.
09:11 AM Foreman Revision 1f145b5f (foreman): Fixes #34908 - Set hostname for Ubuntu Autoinstall
09:00 AM Foreman Bug #34718 (Closed): Ubuntu Autoinstall netplan template fails on network identifier
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|e3ebc7483a5f7d445166ce0fb42ff7c8bcb306ef.
08:54 AM Foreman Revision e3ebc748 (foreman): Fixes #34718 - Ubuntu netplan use ens160 as default interface name


12:01 PM Foreman Bug #34942 (Closed): Ubuntu 20.04.3 new installation media path
From Ubuntu 20.04.3 on, the boot files (_vmlinuz_ and _initrd_) are no longer available at *'dists/$release/main/inst...
10:04 AM Foreman Bug #34941 (Ready For Testing): Ubuntu Autoinstall PXELinux template does not reference Smart Proxy correctly
When deploying an Ubuntu 22.04 host, the corresponding PXELinux template holds two addresses:
* the iso image url (`...

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