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05:29 AM Packaging Revision 9e02cd4a (foreman-packaging): Add rubygem-foreman_resource_quota package
Bastian Schmidt


08:37 AM Salt Revision b5ba075d (smart_proxy_salt): Add GitHub actions for gem release and linting
Bastian Schmidt
08:37 AM Salt Revision 0bf45085 (smart_proxy_salt): Fix yamllint for rubocop.yml
Bastian Schmidt


11:53 AM Salt Revision 6e688a67 (smart_proxy_salt): Remove py2/3 distinction script
Since the last Salt version with py2 support (Salt 3000) is not
supported anymore, we don't need to distinguish betwe...
Bastian Schmidt


09:00 AM Foreman Bug #37002 (Closed): Allow pagelets on User and Usergroups edit page
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|611fa54e8703e21a48adee1385efcc587920abc4. Bastian Schmidt
08:50 AM Foreman Revision 611fa54e (foreman): Fixes #37002 - Add pagelet anchor for user and usergroup tabs
This feature allows plugins to add pagelets for the users/usergroups
edit page.
Bastian Schmidt


04:55 PM Foreman Revision 8c140b0a (foreman): Refs #37010 - Ensure correct yaml for netplan
The introduced safe operator returns nil instead of false, but the
snippet expects true/false.
Bastian Schmidt


10:00 AM Foreman Bug #37011 (Closed): Ubuntu 22.04.3 needs adaption user-data template
Applied in changeset commit:foreman|2836e9387420911fee0320d4c79d56f53c43bd58. Bastian Schmidt
09:47 AM Foreman Revision 2836e938 (foreman): Fixes #37011 - Apply latest Ubuntu Autoinstall userdata changes
* Add explicit fallback for offline installation
* Replace deprecated lock-passwd with lock_passwd
* Remove empty ssh...
Bastian Schmidt


11:45 AM Foreman Bug #37002 (Closed): Allow pagelets on User and Usergroups edit page
Bastian Schmidt

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