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Foreman Developer 02/17/2016
Installer Developer 02/17/2016
Packaging Developer 02/17/2016
SELinux Developer 02/17/2016
Smart Proxy Developer 02/17/2016
Foreman Maintain Developer 04/28/2021
Hammer CLI Developer 12/10/2019
Plugins Developer 04/28/2021
ABRT Developer 04/28/2021
Ansible Developer 04/28/2021
AzureRM Manager, Developer 03/11/2021
Boot disk Developer 04/28/2021
Chef Developer 04/28/2021
DigitalOcean Developer 04/28/2021
Discovery Developer 04/28/2021
Docker Developer 04/28/2021
Foreman Remote Execution Developer 04/28/2021
receptor plugin Developer 04/28/2021
foreman-tasks Developer 04/28/2021
foreman_setup Developer 04/28/2021
Infoblox Developer 04/28/2021
Katello Developer 05/20/2015
Hammer CLI CSV Developer 07/11/2018
Hammer CLI Import Developer 04/11/2016
Packaging Developer 07/30/2015
Runcible Developer 06/26/2015
KubeVirt Developer 04/28/2021
MCollective Developer 04/28/2021
OpenNebula Developer 04/28/2021
OpenSCAP Developer 04/28/2021
Salt Developer 04/28/2021
Templates Developer 04/28/2021
virt-who configure Developer 04/28/2021
Xen Developer 04/28/2021
Website Developer 04/28/2021



09:30 AM Packaging Revision db6d9f06 (foreman-packaging): Bump hammer-cli-katello to 1.12.0-0.1.pre.master
Chris Roberts


06:34 PM Katello Revision 4b8d6c92 (hammer-cli-katello): Bump version to 1.12.0-master
Chris Roberts


09:00 PM Packaging Revision 60992b1d (foreman-packaging): Bump rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman_rh_cloud to 1.0.2
Chris Roberts
04:18 PM Foreman Bug #36919 (Ready For Testing): Test Connection' button in 'New HTTP Proxy' returns success with invalid URL
Description of problem:
When creating new HTTP Proxy, the `Test Connection` returns a `Success alert:HTTP Proxy conn...
Chris Roberts
03:27 PM AzureRM Bug #36918 (New): Building a VM on Azure and registering the host back to Katello creates a duplicate host entry
When using Katello and the AzureRM plugin, we build the host correctly on Azure but the fqdn is ignored and we create... Chris Roberts


05:40 PM Packaging Revision 50e39779 (foreman-packaging): Update rubygem-foreman_rh_cloud to 9.0.52
Chris Roberts


06:41 PM Katello Bug #36845 (Pending): "Lifecycle environment must be specified" error when editing a host
Are you able to upgrade to Katello 4.10.0, that should fix your issue if not:
We are working on getting a Katello ...
Chris Roberts


09:00 PM Katello Bug #36901 (Closed): Update Candlepin VCR's with new Candlepin 4.3.10
Applied in changeset commit:katello|a69f9846c55c3a1f91f0049bcfb7e39de2995d92. Chris Roberts
07:42 PM Katello Bug #36901 (Closed): Update Candlepin VCR's with new Candlepin 4.3.10
Chris Roberts
08:18 PM Katello Revision a69f9846 (katello): Fixes #36901 - Updated CP VCR's for 4.3.10
Chris Roberts

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