Chris Roberts





02:23 AM Katello Bug #21410 (Rejected): superclass mismatch for class Product
02:21 AM Katello Feature #17320 (Rejected): Don't configure proxy at all when no server/port present
Not used anymore since we have http proxies in Foreman


10:01 PM Katello Refactor #28425 (Closed): Avoid the use of SETTINGS[:fqdn]
Applied in changeset commit:katello|11f05ed4805d556028c8ec1e13a8bf37627475a6.
09:35 PM Katello Revision 11f05ed4 (katello): Fixes #28425 - Change service name to Foreman URL


06:51 PM Katello Bug #28701 (Need more information): Could not sync a repo
Has syncing this repo ever worked for you or did it work on a previous release of Katello and Foreman?
06:49 PM Katello Bug #12462 (Closed): Add options for product-content to activation keys
There has been a lot of changes to hammer over the last 4 years, please open this if this is still an issue.
06:48 PM Katello Bug #28752 (Duplicate): Subscription manager issue Centos 8 - rhsm.certificate.CertificateException: String does not contain a date.
Closed as a duplicate of:
06:44 PM Katello Bug #14026 (Closed): Unable to remove content-view versions using hammer
If this is still an issue, please reopen and let us know but a lot of changes have gone into hammer over 4 years.
06:42 PM Katello Bug #28719 (Need more information): Problem adding OCS Inventory repo to Foreman Katello
What is an OCS repo, what is the url of the repo so we can look at this further? Also has this worked on a pre...
04:01 PM Installer Bug #28712 (Closed): mongo storage upgrade to wiredtiger fails and drops database if mongod is stopped
Applied in changeset commit:installer|785b3a9499825adb6e0e811058401cf0d6d29095.

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