Markus Frosch




02:03 AM Installer Revision 4cc408a1 (puppet-foreman_proxy): Making sudoers for puppetrun_cmd conditional
Refactor augeas for sudo rules
closes GH-269
closes GH-271


08:28 AM Foreman Bug #5128: Libvirt console does not use compute resources hostname for connection
Correction: virt-manager connects via open_graphics_fd
This seems to differentiate where VNC is listening:
* lo...
06:20 AM Foreman Bug #5128: Libvirt console does not use compute resources hostname for connection
I stumbled over the same problem. My case is that while the hypervisor is a public server, the libvirt and VNC is onl...


11:02 AM Installer Bug #11652 (Closed): Foreman installer sets Apache2 SSLCACertificatePath to system Trust Store
Applied in changeset commit:puppet-foreman|08911c3a6c776462fcc1aa99103fe588b8feb365.


10:52 AM Foreman Bug #11034: network/interfaces validation checks the removed interfaces
Got the same problem, the problem seems to be that interface to be deleted are also validated.
When you change an ...
03:59 AM Smart Proxy Feature #11039: Support more specific authorization of wildcard certificates
I think his problem is caused by the introduced reverse lookup verification.
Justin seems to have a wildcard cert ...


02:06 PM Installer Bug #10255 (Closed): syslinux > 5 might need extra files to boot machines
As discussed with mmoll on IRC.
I have a hypervisor running on Debian Jessie + Proxy , TFTP, DHCP, libvirt, KVM


07:06 AM Foreman Bug #1560: Foreman and windows-1250 encoding (puppet facts)
See #3628 and PR
07:05 AM Foreman Bug #3628: invalid byte-sequence for encoding utf8 when importing facts
This PR should fix it, but it is only in master until now:


04:49 AM Smart Proxy Revision e1bc928e: Refs #7849 - Avoid OpenSSL deprecation
deprecated openssl/x509 use: require "openssl" instead of "openssl/x509"

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