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03:39 PM Foreman Feature #16191: EC2 IAM Role should be a VM setting rather than image setting
I was asked to clarify this request. It has been a couple years since I filed it, but here is my best recollection...... Tommy McNeely


04:01 PM DigitalOcean Bug #18357 (New): Error creating hosts IPv6 DNS record task failed
Create IPv6 DNS record for task failed with the following error: undefined method `crea... Tommy McNeely


11:27 AM DigitalOcean Revision c7ed0561 (foreman-digitalocean): Merge pull request #15 from timogoebel/16110-list-all-images
fixes #16110 - list all available images Tommy McNeely


06:48 PM Foreman Feature #16191 (Closed): EC2 IAM Role should be a VM setting rather than image setting
Setting the IAM role as an attribute of the "image" means that you can only have "one" role. If you want to separate ... Tommy McNeely


11:03 AM Foreman Feature #12133: Optionally log output of finish scripts (Image Provisioning)
Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious here...
The foreman server (or at some point in the future, perhaps...
Tommy McNeely


01:44 AM SELinux Bug #12991 (Rejected): puppetdb connectivity should be allowed by passengr_run_puppetmaster
I suppose it could be an "additional" sebool, but as far as I am concerned, its part of running a puppet master, so a... Tommy McNeely
01:34 AM SELinux Bug #12990 (Closed): Unable to use symlinks in puppet environments (hieradata)
OS: CentOS 7.2
Version: foreman-selinux-1.10.0-1.el7.noarch
Symbolic links in the hieradata directory (and potent...
Tommy McNeely


06:13 PM Installer Feature #12955 (Resolved): formean-installer should set appropriate selinux booleans for IPA authentication
The formean-installer should set appropriate selinux booleans based on settings, for example, if IPA authentication i... Tommy McNeely


03:59 PM DigitalOcean Bug #11332: Version 1 of the API is deprecated and will be shutdown on November 1st 2015
I have been working on it... Tommy McNeely


12:22 PM DigitalOcean Revision d7e84973 (foreman-digitalocean): APIv1 deprecation notice
Tommy McNeely

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