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04:01 PM DigitalOcean Bug #18357 (New): Error creating hosts IPv6 DNS record task failed
Create IPv6 DNS record for task failed with the following error: undefined method `crea...


11:27 AM DigitalOcean Revision c7ed0561 (foreman-digitalocean): Merge pull request #15 from timogoebel/16110-list-all-i...
fixes #16110 - list all available images


06:48 PM Foreman Feature #16191 (New): EC2 IAM Role should be a VM setting rather than image setting
Setting the IAM role as an attribute of the "image" means that you can only have "one" role. If you want to separate ...


11:03 AM Foreman Feature #12133: Optionally log output of finish scripts (Image Provisioning)
Please forgive me if I am stating the obvious here...
The foreman server (or at some point in the future, perhaps...


01:44 AM SELinux Bug #12991 (New): puppetdb connectivity should be allowed by passengr_run_puppetmaster
I suppose it could be an "additional" sebool, but as far as I am concerned, its part of running a puppet master, so a...
01:34 AM SELinux Bug #12990 (Closed): Unable to use symlinks in puppet environments (hieradata)
OS: CentOS 7.2
Version: foreman-selinux-1.10.0-1.el7.noarch
Symbolic links in the hieradata directory (and potent...


06:13 PM Installer Feature #12955 (Resolved): formean-installer should set appropriate selinux booleans for IPA auth...
The formean-installer should set appropriate selinux booleans based on settings, for example, if IPA authentication i...


03:59 PM DigitalOcean Bug #11332: Version 1 of the API is deprecated and will be shutdown on November 1st 2015
I have been working on it...


06:03 PM Foreman Wiki edit: Test_environment (#7)
12:22 PM DigitalOcean Revision d7e84973 (foreman-digitalocean): APIv1 deprecation notice

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